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Studco Building Systems - Our History

From humble beginnings in 1986 as a steel stud roll former in Melbourne, Australia, Studco has developed into a truly global manufacturer of premium building systems for the commercial and residential construction industry.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Studco’s Mission, Vision & Values is an industry-leading declaration, with input from every employee in every department at Studco, outlining our commitment to you

Studco Australia Head Office Victoria


To Lead In Innovative Building Products 


Our objective is to be the company of choice through premium service to our customers. Our service is driven by the needs of the customer, by quality products, by innovation and creativity, and by delivering a competitively superior solution. We will conduct our business with purpose, prudence and progressive thinking, using sound and proven business methods, for benefit of the all stakeholders. 


- Integrity

Our commitment is without compromise.

 - Honesty

Our word is our bond.

 - Growth
To cultivate, manage and attend to every detail for the best result.

- Responsible

To deliver our services with a high level of accuracy and reliability.

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Studco - Leaders in Innovative Building Systems

Studco Leaders In Innovative Building Systems
 Patented Resilmount sound isolation solutions manufactured by Studco Building Systems EZY-Cap, fast and easy finishing of wall ends with one-piece end cap                                              Patented Slimceil Ceiling System manufactured by Studco Building System                                                                                       

It takes years of hard work from a dynamic team of professionals to earn a reputation as a national industry leader. For nearly 30 years, Studco Building Systems has worked continuously towards the improvement of existing systems and to the developments of new and innovative systems.


Driven by innovation and guided by purpose, Studco is resolute about being the leader in delivering original solutions to the Australian building and construction industry.


At Studco, creative thinking is a culture that is fostered and promotes at every level of operations, and everyone has a right to contribute to our continuous improvement program. The results: less labour, safer sites, faster build times and real cost savings.

Studco is now nationally acclaimed as the leading innovators of smart building products. As our valued clients will testify, out exceptional customer service has been the leading benchmark within the building industry for just as long.


Here’s a few of Studco’s innovative ideas that have shaped the Australian construction industry…

EZY-Reveal - Steel window reveals that enhance durability and save time.

EZY-Cap - fast and easy finishing of wall ends with one-piece end cap

Resilmount - patented sound isolation technology

Studco clip range - M534 spring hanger with holes, M39 locking key with thumb press and M100 general purpose bracket

Slimceil - patented low-clearance ceiling system



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Quality & Guarantee

Studco Quality ManagementStudco Quality AssuranceStudco Quality Product Guarantee

ISO9001 Quality Management System

The quest for optimum quality never ends at Studco. The consistency of our quality is one of the cornerstones of Studco’s reputation as a reliable supplier of metal building systems.

In order to achieve dependable quality in our products and service, Studco Building Systems is certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System. This internationally recognized benchmark of quality is rigidly applied to all facets of Studco’s operations, ensuring our valued client base of premium quality products and premium customer service at all times.

To ensure our customers that our products always offer industry-leading quality, our company is regularly subjected to ISO9001 auditing by an independent body.

Customers can be certain of the quality of Studco’s products because of the stringent controls we impose on our production processes. From the moment the raw materials arrive at our manufacturing facilities, we are tracking and recording each step of the products journey, right through to the delivery. We can even track the quality of our products long after they have been installed with every product being marked with a distinctive tracking number. 

Under our continuous improvement program, Studco is currently introducing measures that will greatly increase our quality in many areas, including…

  • Introduction of advanced material track and trace systems 
  • Commissioning of new machinery with cutting-edge technology 
  • Review of raw material suppliers quality management systems
  • Systematic testing of raw materials by independent NATA laboratory

Quality management under the ISO9001 program provides peace of mind. It not only means quality products and quality service but also includes effective after sales care and support.


Product Guarantee

When it comes to quality, we stand behind our products long after they have been installed. Studco offers a written guarantee for every project using Studco products. We guarantee that our products are made from premium quality raw materials, we guarantee that our products comply with Australian Standards, we guarantee that our products are code compliant, we guarantee that our products are structurally sound when installed in accordance with our manuals and we guarantee that our products are manufactured within the strictest of tolerances.

Click here to view sample copy of Studco Guarantee

To obtain a guarantee for your project using Studco products, please contact Studco on 1800 STUDCO.



Read the Industry Information Update from Bluescope Steel.


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Systems Conformance

Since the 1980's Studco metal building systems have been the choice of some of Australia's largest builders, architects and plastering contractors.

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Studco's building products have been installed in thousands of buildings throughout Australia and New Zealand in wall systems and ceiling systems from all major lining board manufacturers including Knauf, CSR (Gyprock, Cemintel, Hebel, etc.), GIB, USG Boral, BGC and James Hardie.

Studco also works closely with a large number of alternative lining board suppliers to create certified building systems for a variety of applications.

Our insistence on quality and extensive product testing provide substantiative evidence that our products are equal to and provide equivalent performance characteristics of alternative framing systems when used in common wall and ceiling systems, ensuring that the integrity of the plasterboard manufacturer's warranty is not compromised. Our products and systems have been tested by a variety of independent laboratories and organisations:

  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) (structural)
  • Intertek USA (structural)
  • RE Proud & Associates Australia (structural, seismic)
  • BRANZ New Zealand (fire)
  • Exova Wharington Australia (fire)
  • RMIT Australia (acoustic)
  • PKA Acoustics Australia (acoustic)
  • ALION Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (acoustic)
  • CSIRO Australia (various)

In the pursuit of ultimate quality and performance, Studco R&D team has adopted a rigorous program of continuous testing and certification through collaborative partnerships with some of Australia's peak research organisations and testing facilities.

Studco's wall and ceiling systems have been tested and/or checked for structural integrity, seismic capacity, fire rating and acoustical performance, and have consistently demonstrated less than 1% variation in all three areas when compared to similar metal framing systems. As a responsible manufacturer of quality products, we can provide a suite of certificates for of our building systems, for your peace of mind:

Many of Australia's most respected builders demand Studco by choice because they know that no one knows steel like Studco.


 Studco Systems Conformance


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Studco's Commitment To Environmental Responsibility

Studco's Commitment To Environmental Responsibility

The management team at Studco have long held the view that caring for the environment is a corporate responsibility.

In fact, responsibility of and caring for the environment in which we live is a Studco hallmark which is promoted at every level of our business.

Studco has developed a comprehensive Environmental Policy in accordance with ISO14001 which includes a balanced and realistic view of the real issues and a commitment to pursuing a high standard of environmental management throughout our operations to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. Click to view the STUDCO ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY.

Some Facts On Studco's Raw Materials

Building with steel offers many environmental advantages over other building materials. Studco's supplier of choice for raw materials is BlueScope Steel, an Australian manufacturer with a global reputation for premium quality and environmental leadership.

Every year for the past five years, BlueScope Steel has recycled the equivalent of 30% of their annual raw steel production output.

The raw materials used in most Studco products contain a considerable amount of recycled steel. Steel is the most recycled material in the world. By volume, more steel is recycled than all other major recyclable materials combined, including aluminium, glass and paper.

Studco's Manufacturing Processes

All of our products are manufactured under an ethical and stringent Environmental Policy that starts at management level and permeates through every department of our company, thereby building an 'environmentally aware' business culture.

Whilst our modern manufacturing facilities and production systems are designed to create minimum wastage, any wastage that does occur is recycled or diverted from landfill.

Studco regularly reviews the manufacturing practises employed in order to minimize any negative impacts we may have on the environment and we have implemented pollution prevention practices through the efficient use of resources and the reduction of emissions and waste.

You Can Build Green With Studco Products

Little or no waste occurs when installing Studco's products on-site, thanks to our large range of special length products and our complete building system solution that is self-contained without relying on third parties suppliers beyond our control. Most building sites now offer builders a scrap metal disposal point, allowing builders to recycle any wastage that may occur.

Our products do not require chemical treatment, pesticides or toxin additives to make them resistant the termites or vermin and steel framing has been recognised as being good for indoor air quality.
By using Studco's range of lightweight steel building systems, you can achieve up to 50% in weight saving, allowing a lighter and smaller supporting structure.

You can also now earn green star points by using Studco products, under the Green Building Council of Australia's (GBCA) revised steel credit points rating scheme. Studco continuous improvement program regularly reviews our supply chain methodology to enable our customers to enjoy maximum benefit under the Green Star scheme.

Studco is also developing a range of products designed to fulfill the BCA Energy Efficiency provisions. These guidelines promote building practices that reduce the amount of energy used to heat, cool and operate a building. Watch this space for more innovative products from Studco.

The Studco Environmental Policy: Real Results That Can Be Seen

In line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, some of the recent initiatives at Studco include signing up with Greenfleet to offsetting the carbon emissions of our corporate sales vehicles, investing in a new fleet of trucks that comply with the latest Euro-4 emission standards, improvements to our production plants that increases productivity without raising emissions and working with community groups for the improvement of the surrounding environment.

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