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Studco 30th Anniversary logoFrom humble beginnings in 1986 as a steel stud roll former in Melbourne, Australia, Studco has developed into a truly global manufacturer of premium building systems for the commercial and residential construction industry. 

In 1976 Gordon Stevens, an experienced carpenter from Melbourne, Victoria, launched a new venture called Specialized Ceiling Systems, an enterprise that focused on acoustic ceiling design and installation throughout the Australian commercial building market. He consistently demonstrated a flair for finding new and innovative ceiling products to introduce to the Australian market and his services quickly became highly sought-after.

After a few successful years, Specialized Ceiling Services  was sold and he embarked on a bold, new project of manufacturing T-bar ceiling systems under his brand name, Duraclamp. This venture quickly established itself in the Australian market as a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art ceiling systems, and in 1986 Duraclamp was acquired by USG (United States Gypsum) and rebranded as Donn Duraclamp.


Following the successful sale to USG, Gordon remained committed to innovation in the field of building systems for the commercial construction industry and as a result Studco was born in late 1986. Around this time, plasterboard office partitions were beginning to replace the timber panelled offices of the 60’s and 70’s and Studco’s initial manufacturing efforts were focused on a range of roll-formed steel studs for the fledging office partition industry.


Based in Bayswater in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, Studco quickly found success in offering quality systems and solutions to the Australian market and before long, Studco outgrew their initial factory and moved to larger facilities in Lilydale.


Over the next decade, Studco continued to grow from strength to strength as new products were introduced to the market, new roll forming mills were added to cope with volume demand, additional trucks were purchased to meet national distribution demands, and staff numbers continued to increase to service the growing list of satisfied Studco customers. In 1996 Ben Stevens, Gordon’s son joined the business.


In 2000, Studco introduced Ezy-Jamb to the Australian market, an innovative world first door jamb that was flush finished and did not require architraves or trims. Ezy-Jamb put Studco on the global radar for innovation and today, Ezy-Jamb has grown into an internationally acclaimed brand and now resides under the overarching EZConcept brand with Studco’s other revolutionary flush finishing products such as Ezy-Reveal, Ezy-Cap and Ezy-Pelmet.


For the next five years, Studco experienced dramatic growth and in 2005 on a trip to the United States looking for new business growth opportunities, Gordon discovered that the 500 mile radius of Rochester, New York, was home to one third of the population of the US and one third of population of Canada, equating to 110 million people. Deciding this was the perfect location to launch Studco into the North American market, Studco committed to investing in Rochester, NY, and launched Studco’s US manufacturing operations the following year.


Studco’s global presence accelerated the drive for innovation and in 2008, Studco created the Resilmount brand to meet the demand for economical sound isolation solutions in building acoustics. The striking red colour Resilmount isolation element soon became synonymous with quality acoustic performance and Studco continues to add new acoustic clips to the growing range of Resilmount sound isolation systems.


As Studco continued to grow into a global force, so too did the need for corporate responsibility and strategic direction and in late 2010, Gordon and Ben appointed an independent board of directors to support Studco’s operations in Australia.


Studco’s list of innovations in recent years is extensive. To name but a few: Slimceil in 2009, Slimwall and HEDAjamb in 2011, Ezy-Pelmet in 2012, StudcoBuildIT engineering solution in 2014 and Ezy-Jamb SRC in 2015. Studco continues its relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of innovation, quality and premium customer service to this very day.


Studco’s sustained growth trajectory meant scaled up production volumes in Australia would soon outgrow Studco’s present facilities and in 2014, Studco moved its Australian national operations centre to Croydon South in Victoria. In recent years, Studco has also established strategically located warehouse operations in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane to support our national distribution network throughout Australia.


Today, after 30 successful years the Studco brand and its dedicated team can be found all over the globe creating an international network for operations, logistics and customer service. The longevity of the Studco brand is a result of our determination to produce innovative building systems of superior quality and performance. Looking towards the future, this will continue to be the driving force for the organization.


The construction industry of the 21st century is a constantly evolving arena of change and it is with passionate commitment that the Studco team continue to solve the challenges of the modern building industry through solutions innovation.