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Quality & Guarantee

Studco Quality ManagementStudco Quality AssuranceStudco Quality Product Guarantee

ISO9001 Quality Management System

The quest for optimum quality never ends at Studco. The consistency of our quality is one of the cornerstones of Studco’s reputation as a reliable supplier of metal building systems.

In order to achieve dependable quality in our products and service, Studco Building Systems is certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System. This internationally recognized benchmark of quality is rigidly applied to all facets of Studco’s operations, ensuring our valued client base of premium quality products and premium customer service at all times.

To ensure our customers that our products always offer industry-leading quality, our company is regularly subjected to ISO9001 auditing by an independent body.

Customers can be certain of the quality of Studco’s products because of the stringent controls we impose on our production processes. From the moment the raw materials arrive at our manufacturing facilities, we are tracking and recording each step of the products journey, right through to the delivery. We can even track the quality of our products long after they have been installed with every product being marked with a distinctive tracking number. 

Under our continuous improvement program, Studco is currently introducing measures that will greatly increase our quality in many areas, including…

  • Introduction of advanced material track and trace systems 
  • Commissioning of new machinery with cutting-edge technology 
  • Review of raw material suppliers quality management systems
  • Systematic testing of raw materials by independent NATA laboratory

Quality management under the ISO9001 program provides peace of mind. It not only means quality products and quality service but also includes effective after sales care and support.


Product Guarantee

When it comes to quality, we stand behind our products long after they have been installed. Studco offers a written guarantee for every project using Studco products. We guarantee that our products are made from premium quality raw materials, we guarantee that our products comply with Australian Standards, we guarantee that our products are code compliant, we guarantee that our products are structurally sound when installed in accordance with our manuals and we guarantee that our products are manufactured within the strictest of tolerances.

Click here to view sample copy of Studco Guarantee

To obtain a guarantee for your project using Studco products, please contact Studco on 1800 STUDCO.



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