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EZYJamb used in Avenue Apartments

As Australia’s apartment building boom continues along its unprecedented climb, EZYJamb increases to become the door jamb of choice for apartments because of its simplicity and looks.

EZYJamb installations are at a record high in both high-rise and low-rise developments throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The rising popularity of EZYJamb’s new concealed hinge door jamb is helping to feed the insatiable appetite of Australia’s architects for the ultimate flush finish, clean line living space.

To compliment these square-set interior designs, architects are demanding the other innovative products from the Ezy finishing suite including EZYPelmet, EZYReveal and EZYCap products.

The recently completed Avenue Apartments in inner-city South Yarra, Victoria, is a stunning example of modern, meticulously designed interiors that use the benefits of EZYJamb’s architrave-free look and subtle lines to maximum effect for all internal hinged door and cavity sliding doors.
(Images supplied courtesy of Fridcorp.)

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