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EZYfinishing with EZYReveal

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Studco’s EZYRevealTM has been designed for Quick & Economical Finishing of Reveals from 20mm to 150mm.

Manufactured from Cold Rolled Steel provides a strong and secure Reveal, eliminating warping, twisting, cracking and damage from UV rays.

When combined with the PVC finish trim, it can create custom size reveals.

The Studco PFT19A and PFT19B adjustable PVC Slip over trims have been architecturally designed to create a flexible finish to all window and door openings where standard size reveals cannot meet.

The Finish Trim fits over L Beads or Metal Reveal Angles and can be adjusted to create custom sized stopping angles.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean line finish
  • No shadow effects
  • Fully adjustable, one size fits all
  • Flexible UV protected PVC
  • Paint direct onto trim, no prep

 EZYReveal for Architrave Free Windows