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For Fast & Easy Ceiling Rebates, Demand Fastcap

Tuesday, 20th February, 2012

Creating ceiling rebates, linear effects and architectural features in ceilings has never been so easy.

Fastcap® by Studco Building Systems is becoming the product of choice for many of Australia's leading architects for flush ceiling rebates and square set pelmets in plasterboard ceilings, over the more cumbersome plaster profiles or MDF pelmet alternatives. Fastcap® can be used as recessed light troffers, flush curtain pelmets, concealed ceiling fixtures or just as an impressive feature.

  • Perforated edges for integration in plasterboard ceilings
  • Custom made to any size, to suit your needs
  • Cold rolled from quality zinc coated steel
  • No preparation required for painting
  • Faster & stronger than plaster or MDF alternatives
  • Made in Australia by Studco Building Systems



Fastcap® is ideally suited to retail shopping environments, office interiors and public spaces. It's versatility provides a contemporary ceiling feature and a functional recess for fixtures, such as signage fixings and concealed power points. The shape of each Fastcap® is customized to suit each projects specific requirements, allowing for a faster and easier install than plaster profiles or MDF pelmets.

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  Fastcap® is a versatile, square set pelmet that uses only two edges that requiring stopping. It's light to lift, easy to handle and quick to cut to size.
Concealing light fittings and tracks from view can be achieved by using Fastcap® as a recessed light troffer.
This installation uses the Fastcap® flush ceiling rebate to house power points, video outlets and signage tracks.