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How to fit a concealed hinge in an EZYJamb.

How to fit a concealed hinge in an EZYJamb.

If you are looking for uninterrupted lines around internal doors for the ultimate square set interior, Rocyork concealed door hinges offer both functional and aesthetic advantages.

Providing a fully adjustable patented 3D alignment system, the invisible hinge comes with a super strong rating to suit your door capacity.

The maintenance free bearing mechanism and absence of visible barrels or pins ensures durability.

The versatility of this hinge is evident with its 3 axis of adjustment, allowing the hinge to be adjusted in three directions to align door margins

Features and benefits:

• No visible barrel or pin

• Maintenance free bearing mechanism

• Aesthetically pleasing hinge covers.


EZYJamb Installation

Rocyork Concealed Hinges