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EZYfinishing with EZYReveal

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Studco’s EZYRevealTM has been designed for Quick & Economical Finishing of Reveals from 20mm to 150mm.

Manufactured from Cold Rolled Steel provides a strong and secure Reveal, eliminating warping, twisting, cracking and damage from UV rays.

When combined with the PVC finish trim, it can create custom size reveals.

The Studco PFT19A and PFT19B adjustable PVC Slip over trims have been architecturally designed to create a flexible finish to all window and door openings where standard size reveals cannot meet.

The Finish Trim fits over L Beads or Metal Reveal Angles and can be adjusted to create custom sized stopping angles.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean line finish
  • No shadow effects
  • Fully adjustable, one size fits all
  • Flexible UV protected PVC
  • Paint direct onto trim, no prep

 EZYReveal for Architrave Free Windows

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New Resilmount M239R™

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Resilmount M239R™ with adjustable masonry fixing are an engineered, patented acoustic resilient mounting bracket for Studco furring channels, for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in wall and ceiling applications.









Other sizes available upon request

Features & Benefits

    • Unique, patented sound cell design to break up and absorb airborne sound.
    • Engineered thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its sound absorbing characteristics.
    • Simple design makes it adaptable to hundreds of applications.
    • Consistent and reliable quality – manufactured under ISO9001 quality control system.
    • Resilmount is the most cost effective way to isolate airborne noise.
    • Provided with a preassembled M6 wedge anchor in three sizes.
    • Strong ‘column’ design provides minimal contact area with substrate whilst maintaining maximum structural integrity.
    • M239R clips are fully adjustable allowing the face of the furring channel to be levelled, eliminating the need of packers. to receive a pdf copy of the new datasheet.

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RapidTrack™ expanded range

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

The RapidTrack™ from Studco Building Systems is the superior solution for vertical deflection in steel stud framing systems. With RapidTrack™, wall studs can be screwed to the top track without compromising the deflection capabilities of the wall system.

RapidTrack™ is designed to reduce construction time and improve wall performance.


Five extra standard sizes to the popular hemmed track have been added bringing the total to 6 profiles, at standard lengths. The standard depth for the slotted deflection tracks is 50mm. Refer to the chart below showing the current standard stock sizes.
 Still can’t find a size to suit? Call the Studco sales team today on 1800 STUDCO to discuss your requirements.
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New Studco National Operations Centre

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Studco Building Systems is pleased to announce the expansion and relocation of operations to our new National Operations Centre in Croydon South, Victoria, to facilitate our strategic growth and improve operational efficiencies.

The new National Operations Centre is in the Merrindale Industrial Park at 130-140 Merrindale Drive, Croydon South, Victoria and has been purpose-built to facilitate high volume rollforming operations. "Over the last decade, Studco has continued to grow in line with our projected strategic objectives", Ben Stevens, Managing Director of Studco Australia, commented this week. "This sustained growth over a long, challenging period in Australia's economic history presents a strong case for expanding our operational capacity and creating a world-class manufacturing and distribution centre."


Centrally situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Studco's new National Operations Centre is conveniently located 32km from the Melbourne CBD and only minutes from Melbourne's Eastlink motorway. All facilities currently located at Studco's two Lilydale plants are being relocated.

Relocation of a manufacturing facility this large is no small task, so it is being implemented through a staged rollout, with movement of machinery already well underway. From Monday 23 June, all distribution will move permanently to the new address. Office staff will move to the new National Operations Centre in early July, completing the relocation.


Some of the exciting aspects of Studco's new premises are:

  • Undercover loading and unloading for all transport, including multiple outwards goods lanes for faster throughput.
  • Brand new precision rollformers being commissioned for new wall systems (to be released late 2014) and to provide increased capacity of existing products. 
  • Purpose-built training and testing facility to complement our product innovation and extensive R&D activities.
  • Industry-leading health and safety provisions, making Studco a safe and enjoyable place to work at every level.
  • Latest IT infrastructure to support the activity-based work environment, including live video conferencing for seamless communication with our international partners.

When asked what drives Studco's growth, Ben Stevens answers: "Our leading innovation in building systems has seen unprecedented demand from local markets and we are now also exporting globally in record volumes. Our new National Operations Centre allows for expansion of our manufacturing operations by nearly three times to cope with our projected long-term needs."

New address:
Studco Australia
National Operations Centre
Merrindale Industrial Park, 130-140 Merrindale Drive, Croydon South, 3136, Victoria

Telephone, fax, email and web addresses remain unchanged


About Studco

Studco Australia Pty Ltd are leaders in manufacturing innovative metal building systems for the wall and ceiling industry. From humble beginnings in 1986 as a steel stud rollformer in Melbourne, Australia, Studco has developed into a truly global manufacturer of premium quality building systems for the commercial and residential construction industry.

In addition to our wall and ceiling systems, Studco also manufactures the patented Ezy-Jamb and Resilmount products. Studco has locations in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and in Rochester NY, USA, and our operations are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


For all queries and additional information, please contact:

Warwick McAlpin
Studco Australia Pty Ltd
Telephone 03 9737 2500


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Avenue Apartments

Friday, December 5th, 2014

EZYJamb used in Avenue Apartments

As Australia’s apartment building boom continues along its unprecedented climb, EZYJamb increases to become the door jamb of choice for apartments because of its simplicity and looks.

EZYJamb installations are at a record high in both high-rise and low-rise developments throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. The rising popularity of EZYJamb’s new concealed hinge door jamb is helping to feed the insatiable appetite of Australia’s architects for the ultimate flush finish, clean line living space.


To compliment these square-set interior designs, architects are demanding the other innovative products from the Ezy finishing suite including EZYPelmet, EZYReveal and EZYCap products.

The recently completed Avenue Apartments in inner-city South Yarra, Victoria, is a stunning example of modern, meticulously designed interiors that use the benefits of EZYJamb’s architrave-free look and subtle lines to maximum effect for all internal hinged door and cavity sliding doors.
(Images supplied courtesy of Fridcorp.)


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Engineering problems? Relax, you're with Studco.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

For builders and contractors on-site, every day reveals fresh challenges to how buildings can be constructed faster, cheaper and smarter.

The way you respond to these challenges shapes the success of your operations and Studco has many stories to share about how we have 'partnered' with builders and contractors all over Australia to provide practical solutions that help them meet deadlines and overcome construction bottlenecks.

From the combination of Studco's in-house team of engineers who are dedicated to creating practical, realistic solutions, and the adaptability of Studco's comprehensive range of innovative building systems, has evolved a unique solutions provider for all things relating lightweight steel framing in walls and ceilings.

Engineering solutions for...

  • External structural walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Seismic constructions
  • Ceiling systems
  • Acoustic control ... and more

Services available...

  • Engineering designs
  • Certified documentation
  • CAD drawings & diagrams
  • Qualified acoustic opinions
  • Reports & site inspections
  • Project warranties

Need some technical advice? Call 1800 STUDCO or email us at 

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Luxury views made easy with Ezy-Pelmet

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Ezy-Pelmet has become the latest addition to Studco Building System's Ezy family of flush-finish products.

Designed to add a completely new dimension to the internal perimeter of square-set interiors, the Ezy-Pelmet is a two-piece pre-finished, cold-rolled steel section, which provides a fast and economical solution for creating recessed window pelmets in plasterboard ceilings.

Providing a simple and discrete transition between the interior ceiling and external windows, curtain wall facades or building structures, the Ezy-Pelmet cleverly conceals feature lighting, curtains and window blinds, opening up vast panoramas.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, Ezy-Pelmet is the result of extensive consultation with some of Australia's leading architects and the building industry, with the final design addressing all the needs of modern architecture and economical construction.

Key benefits and advantages of Ezy-Pelmet:

  • Contemporary, clear view design
  • Flush-finish edge for square-set interiors
  • Completely concealed fixings
  • Does not require fixing from the top
  • Finished in white, no need to paint
  • Fast way to create window pelmets
  • Suitable for blinds, curtains, lights and more

 Need more information on Ezy-Pelmet?

Call 1800 STUDCO or email us at


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Invisible hinges for Ezy-Jamb now here!

Friday, December 6th, 2013

The new Rocyork concealed door hinges offer an architectural breakthrough for designers by allowing uninterrupted clean lines around internal doors for the ultimate square-set interior.

Rocyork concealed door hinges offer multiple functional and aesthetic advantages. Featuring a fully adjustable patented 3D alignment system, the invisible hinges come with a super strong rating up to suit your door capacity.

The maintenance-free bearing mechanism and absence of visible barrels or pins ensure durability. The premium quality brushed steel finish and attractive hinge covers add to the aesthetics.

For more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or contact us.



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New Updated design manual now available

Tuesday, 26th February, 2013

Still Australia's most trusted manual for construction of walls and ceiling 76 full colour pages packed with helpful information.

Now includes information for HEDA System, Slimceil & Slimwal.l Updated to last reflect recent BCA changes. All the load tables and span charts you will need! Loads of installation diagrams and product images for your assistance. Improved section for acoustic walls and ceilings.

How can I get my copy?



here to access design manual as a flipbook.

PDF VERSION                  

here to request PDF version of design manual

 HARD COPY                                   

Call us on 1800 STUDCO to request a copy of design manual

What can Studco do for you?

To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us



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The HEDA Tough Wall System from Studco

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The HEDA Tough Wall System from Studco is your premium solution for maximizing wall frame design and reducing labour in medium and high-rise construction.

 HEDA sections can be used as lightweight steel lintels, heavy duty jamb studs and extra-tough wall studs in extreme walls. Check out some of the advantages of using the Studco HEDA System…


No need to boxed studs at internal opening or doorways

No need for boxed or back-to-back studs in wall designs
No need for complex lintel arrangements


Replace some structural sections with HEDAjamb
Fewer noggins required in HEDAjamb walls
Achieve huge spans not possible with conventional studs

Studco HEDA Tough Wall System is available in two section sizes for design flexibility



HEDAjamb75 92 x 76mm 1.15BMT galvanised
HEDAjamb90 92 x 89mm 1.55BMT galvanised


Studco HEDAjamb considerably outperforms substitute products for even greater savings. MAXI STRENGTH, MINI LABOUR – HEDAjamb is the wall frame solution for rough openings and extreme walls.

Call 1800 STUDCO to place your order today…

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Flexible building systems for portable & pre-fab construction

Fast build times, lower costs and flexible styling are just some of the factors that are driving the Australian portable and pre-fabricated building industry.

Many key builders in the industry rely on Studco products for steel wall framing, roof structures, external facades, door jambs, window reveals and more. From the indigenous settlements in far north WA to the quiet resorts of southern Tasmania, Studco quality products are making construction easier, faster and less costly.

Here's a few of the portable and pre-fab projects that have utilized Studco's range of building products…

  • Portable & pre-fabricated homes
  • Mining communities
  • Container dwellings
  • Energy-efficient workspaces
  • Pop-up, high-rise buildings
  • Remote location construction
  • Tourist resort accommodation
  • Bathroom pods and modules
  • Low-cost export housing 
  • School buildings
  • Mobile offices & site facilities


Need for an alternative to heavy structural steel

Heavy structural steel sections were proving problematic for one portable building manufacturer, due to the cumbersome handling requirements and the heavy weight in transport. Studco's creative engineers were able to replace all the structural steel lintels and jambs with the lightweight HEDA System which had the added benefit of removing the need for welding, which was becoming an OHS issue with excessive fume.

What can Studco do for you?


To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us.

Flexible building systems for portable & pre-fab construction


Studco innovation beats transport problems

Studco innovation beats transport problems

Studco's design team and structural engineers innovated a fold-down, modular roof framing system for a portable house builder that needed to with withstand extreme coastal weather conditions yet be styled to contemporary lines. The final design saved our client thousands in oversize transport costs and dramatically decreased the need for on-site labour in remote areas.

What can Studco do for you?


To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 1800 STUDCO or contact us



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Tough gloves

Wednesday, 28th November, 2012

This salty takes his protection seriously. Just like the all new StudcoTough™ range of contractors clothing and workwear, specifically designed to meet the OHS needs of Australia's framers and plasterers.

Studco has launched StudcoTough™, the new benchmark in workwear and clothing for making your day on-site as comfortable and safe as possible. In line with Studco's reputation for innovative metal building products of premium quality and extreme durability, the StudcoTough™ range will tick all the boxes for comfort, protection, style and quality.

The first product to be launched is the StudcoTough™ Drywallers Glove, a fingerless safety glove designed for the safe handling of metal sections, easy gripping of lining boards, and superior comfort and control of power tools.

Stay tuned for more clothing releases from StudcoTough™ in the coming months.




STG001-M StudcoTough™ drywallers glove Medium
STG001-L  StudcoTough™ drywallers glove  Large  
STG001-XL  StudcoTough™ drywallers glove  XLarge 
Call 1800 STUDCO to place your order today…



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Wednesday, 28th November, 2012

Check out the TRIM90 range of plasterboard finishing beads here
More information...

To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us. 




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It sounds better with Resilmount...

Wednesday. 10th October, 2012

Residents at two of Melbourne newest, premium quality waterfront apartments will soon be enjoying the quiet life, thank to innovative ceiling acoustic treatment solutions by Resilmount.

Convesso Apartments, by Lend Lease, and Yarra Point, by Mirvac, adopted the use of BCA-compliant M319R Resilmount sound isolation bracket for the Slimceil ceiling system.

In commenting on Resilmount's products, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) referred to the solution as "superior acoustic treatment" and the developer noted that the luxury apartments "demanded the best acoustic products available".

The M319R Slimceil resilient mounts provide static deflection for low clearance ceiling systems, in line with the demanding guidelines of the NCC 2012 (BCA).


  Behind Convesso's stylish interior lies a network of Resilmount and Studco products, specifically engineered to minimise sound and improve comfort levels. 
  Mirvac's Yarra Point Apartments: "achieving premium living spaces".
   Behind Convesso's stylish interior lies a network of Resilmount and Studco products, specifically engineered to minimise sound and improve comfort levels.








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Section J: so simple compliance.

Wednesday, 10th October, 2012

Section J of the NCC 2012 (Building Code) covers 'energy efficiency' guidelines and requirements for the various facets of buildings and dwellings.

One of the key elements of Section J covers the insulating and lining of concrete precast panels and block or brick walls, and the energy efficiency ratings of such walls have seen substantial increases in recent years as the need for abating the poor thermal properties of such substrates is realised.

Studco's innovative Slimwall product is fast becoming the popular solution for energy efficient walls that need to meet Section J. Slimwall is suitable for use with all types of wall insulation making the maximum R-values achievable for the first time with a low-cost metal building system that still retains all the adjustability factors of common constructions clips, such as Studco's popular Betafix® clip. Call us today to learn more about this great innovation.






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Ezy-Pelmet... luxury views made easy

Tuesday, 9th October, 2012

The newest addition to the EZY family of flush-finish products adds a completely new dimension to the internal perimeter of square-set interiors.

Window blinds disappear, feature lighting is cleverly concealed and vast panoramas open up before your eyes with the all new Ezy-Pelmet® from Studco.

Ezy-Pelmet® is a two piece, pre-finished cold-rolled steel section which provides a fast, economical and prestigious solution for creating recessed window pelmets in plasterboard ceilings. It provides a simple and discrete transition between the interior ceiling and external windows, curtain wall facades or the building structure.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, Ezy-Pelmet® is the result of extensive consultation and testing with some of Australia's leading architects and the building industry, and the final design addresses all the needs of modern architecture and economical construction…

  • Contemporary, clearview design
  • Flush-finish edge for square-set interiors
  • Completely concealed fixings
  • Does not require fixing from the top
  • Finished in white, no need to paint
  • Install from below after ceiling 
  • Fastest method for creating window pelmets
  • Suitable for blinds, curtain, lights & more

Ezy-Pelmet® is at home in apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, houses and just about any other application where a luxurious, clear view outlook is sought.

Get a brochure or data sheet on Ezy-Pelmet® today by calling 1800 STUDCO or email us



 Ezy-Pelmet® is extremely versatile in its application, seen here being used as a recessed curtain pelmet above a window and as a ceiling perimeter feature against a wall.



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Facade top hat system now available from Studco

Friday, 22nd June, 2012

Creating a lasting impression with fibre cement external cladding has never been easier, thanks to the all-new XP-Wall system from Studco Building Systems.


The combination of simple, efficient and proven construction principles and Studco's expertise in producing high-strength, cost-effective rollformed metal sections is your guarantee that the new XP-Wall system will get your next façade cladding project completed in the most cost-effective way. XP-Wall is suitable for all kinds of fibre cement from the major manufacturers, such as James Hardie and CSR Cemintel, and it can be used for a variety of finish needs such as express-jointed panels and butt-jointed sheets. Designed to withstand the harshest of nature's forces, XP-Wall is sure to meet the specifications of almost any direct-fix façade cladding framing application.


For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us



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Ezy-Jamb invisible hinges

Friday, 15th June, 2012

Make your door hinges disappear with the all new Rocyork concealed door hinge from Ezy Jamb!

Ideal for square set interiors, the Rocyork concealed door hinge creates uninterrupted clean lines around internal doors. Due out in Australia late 2012.


  • No visible barrel or pin
  • Fully adjustable patented 3D alignment system
  • Super strong rating to 80kg
  • Maintenance free bearing mechanism
  • Premium quality finish
  • Ascetically pleasing hinges covers

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us





 Ezy-Jamb refines the square-set flush finish look further with the Rocyork concealed hinge
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Ezy-Cap wall ends now available in 3.6m

Friday, 8th June, 2012

When you're looking for a fast and economical way to finish wall ends over 3 metres high, Ezy-Cap will now fit the bill with 3.6 metre lengths now in stock.

The highly popular Ezy-Cap has always been available in 2.7m and 3.0m lengths but due to popular demand, 3.6 metre lengths of the most popular sizes have been available since early June 2012.

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us

 Ezy-Cap flush finish stop ends from Studco are designed for quick and economical finishing of wall ends.
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Low cost acoustic wall solution

Friday, 1st June, 2012

Constructing an internal acoustic wall on a budget that still complies with the standards and building code is achievable using Resilmount's M581 resilient channel available from Studco.

In fact, Resilmount's one-leg resilient channel is one of the most effective, low-cost methods of reducing sound travelling through walls in homes, apartments and offices. The M581 resilient channel is manufactured from high grade galvanised steel and is suitable for fixing to timber and steel studs for the purpose of reducing sound transmission. The fixing leg of the channel is supplied with pre-punched holes to aid on-site installation and reduce construction time.

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us

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Studco Greensmart: Sustainable building and construction technology for Green Star rated buildings

Friday, 23rd March, 2012

Studco Greensmart is an industry-leading initiative based on two simple principles:

(a) Sustainable building technology innovation; and 
(b) Practical sustainability leadership.


In 2012, Studco Greensmart will continue to lead the way in developing energy efficient building products to comply with BCA Section J provisions and to reduce energy consumption in Green Star rated buildings. We are great believers environmentally responsible business practises and in genuine investment for developing products that save energy and protect the environment. Our commitment is evidenced by our ongoing certification to the internationally recognised benchmark standard ISO14001:2004 environmental management system.

When you build with Studco products, you can earn Green Star points for Green Star certified buildings. Two major projects of world-leading design recently completed with the aid of Studco quality building products successfully achieved significant Green Star result:

  • In a major urban renewal project, the 'C2 Building' office complex of the Revitalising Central Dandenong project achieved a 6 Star Green Star – Office Design v3 certification and is now targeting a 5 Star Green Star - Office As Built v3 certification.
  • A pioneering development in more ways than one, Kangan Institute's Automotive Centre of Excellence has achieved rare dual Green Star design ratings, holding both 5 Star Green Star – Office Design v1 and 5 Star Green Star – Education Design v1 certifications.

The Studco R&D team is constantly challenging conventional building wisdom to discover better and smarter practises for sustainable built environments. The release of Studco's Slimwall energy efficient wall system for energy efficient buildings has attracted a lot of positive attention from architects and designers, with the biggest use arising in high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments and office complexes. In 2012, Studco will launch other new, ground-breaking energy efficient building products to keep Australia's builders abreast of the challenges brought about by the constantly changing NCC and BCA provisions.

Contact Studco to discuss your requirements today.

Helpful links...

Studco Slimwall energy-efficient wall system

Information about Studco's commitment to sustainability

Learn about the recycled content of steel

Read about resource efficiency in the manufacture of steel

Learn about ISO 14001

Pixel achieves world-first highest green star rating

The US Green Building Council awarded the Pixel building in Melbourne the world's highest LEED rating. As a recognised industry leader in responsible manufacturing processes, Studco Building Systems was chosen as the supplier of choice for all the metal building systems used in the construction of the Pixel building.

Grocon Chief Executive Officer Daniel Grollo said the rating followed a perfect score from the Green Building Council of Australia and proved Pixel was at the forefront of green buildings internationally. "There are over 44,000 buildings in 120 countries around the world that have used the LEED rating system and in scoring 105 points out of a possible 110, Pixel has now surpassed all of them," he said.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a system developed by the US Green Building Council for certifying the greenest performing buildings in the world, providing building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.



More information...

Pixel article in The Studco Update, Feb 2011

To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us

 Revitalising Central Dandenong, C2 Building                           Kangan Institute's Automotive Centre of Excellence
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For Fast & Easy Ceiling Rebates, Demand Fastcap

Tuesday, 20th February, 2012

Creating ceiling rebates, linear effects and architectural features in ceilings has never been so easy.

Fastcap® by Studco Building Systems is becoming the product of choice for many of Australia's leading architects for flush ceiling rebates and square set pelmets in plasterboard ceilings, over the more cumbersome plaster profiles or MDF pelmet alternatives. Fastcap® can be used as recessed light troffers, flush curtain pelmets, concealed ceiling fixtures or just as an impressive feature.

  • Perforated edges for integration in plasterboard ceilings
  • Custom made to any size, to suit your needs
  • Cold rolled from quality zinc coated steel
  • No preparation required for painting
  • Faster & stronger than plaster or MDF alternatives
  • Made in Australia by Studco Building Systems



Fastcap® is ideally suited to retail shopping environments, office interiors and public spaces. It's versatility provides a contemporary ceiling feature and a functional recess for fixtures, such as signage fixings and concealed power points. The shape of each Fastcap® is customized to suit each projects specific requirements, allowing for a faster and easier install than plaster profiles or MDF pelmets.

To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us

  Fastcap® is a versatile, square set pelmet that uses only two edges that requiring stopping. It's light to lift, easy to handle and quick to cut to size.
Concealing light fittings and tracks from view can be achieved by using Fastcap® as a recessed light troffer.
This installation uses the Fastcap® flush ceiling rebate to house power points, video outlets and signage tracks.


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Studco launches 10 new & improved products in 2011!

Tuesday, 20th December, 2011

In line with our aim to be the 'Leaders In Innovative Building Products',

The progressive Studco R&D team have been working overtime throughout 2011 to bring better and smarter building products to the Australian construction industry.

Here we review ten new and improved building products released by Studco during 2011, along with some other highlights of the year.


#1 FEBRUARY 2011

Improved external finishing angles

Improved nib profile, heavier gauge, better plaster finish, straighter lines, packaged in boxes.

 #2 MARCH 2011

Express joint backing strip for ceilings & walls

Easiest & fastest way to create a sharp, black express joint with fibre cement sheet or aluminium composite panels.

#3 APRIL 2011

Additional M50R isolation hangers for ceilings

Two new sound isolation hangers from Resilmount, meet NCA2011 static deflection criteria.

#4 MAY 2011

Alubase aluminium skirting boards

Clean lines, low profile, various configurations, suitable for commercial & domestic interiors.

#5 JUNE 2011

New sizes of popular Ezy-Reveal

Studco adds 40mm, 45mm and 135mm window reveals to the highly popular range of original Ezy-Reveals.

#6 JULY 2011

StrongArm wall brace for free-standing walls

Fully engineered structural brace. Also suitable for nib walls, balustrades, bulkheads and smoke baffles.

#7 AUGUST 2011

HEDA system for wall openings

Heavy structural stud sections for wall openings (92x76x1.15mm & 92x90x1.55mm). New M104 structural bracket.


Slimwall - energy efficient wall system

Code compliant, meets BCA Section J criteria, score Green Star points. For use with masonry & concrete walls.

#9 OCTOBER 2011

M319R resilient mount for Slimceil

Complies to stringent static deflection regulations. Use with Slimceil for suspended ceilings with small cavities.

#10 NOVEMBER 2011

Rapidtrack - slotted deflection track

The superior solution for vertical deflection in external steel stud wall applications

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Structural Support For Free-Standing Walls

Thursday, 24th November, 2011

Studco’s new StrongArm™ structural wall brace is a fully engineered support bracket for free-standing walls and similar applications, where additional strength is required to minimise lateral deflection on the wall.

Made from 12mm thick steel and protected by a hot-dip galvanised coating, this super bracket can withstand extreme loads, is suitable for internal and external applications and is sure to save you time and money on your next project. Typical walls applications include free-standing walls , framed balustrades and nib walls. It is also suitable for suspended walls or walls mounted to the ceiling, such as free-hanging bulkheads, smoke baffles and acoustic baffles.

The Studco StrongArm™ structural wall brace is designed specifically for rapid in-wall strengthening of free-standing steel stud walls and timber stud wall applications, where a structural member is required to limit deflection and improve rigidity. The ready availability of the Studco StrongArm™ structural wall brace removes the need for procuring custom-made structural steel sections, which so often creates construction delays and additional costs. It is supplied with all the necessary bolts, nuts, anchors and screws needed for most installation applications and is in stock and can be despatched from Studco same day. 

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us


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Wall Openings Made Quick & Easy

Thursday, 13th October, 2011










The all new HEDA System from Studco offers a fast and easy way of creating openings in walls in both internal and external applications. Traditionally, wall openings have required two or three studs at each side of the jamb and a series of studs and track to act as a lintel.

Whilst this method remains highly popular, the new HEDA System from Studco uses fewer sections and fewer connections, thereby greatly decreasing construction time and simplifying the construction process.

The new HEDA System consists of only two items. Firstly, there is one new profile, known as the HEDAJamb, which is 92mm wide and 75mm deep, and suits the standard 92mm steel stud system from Studco. Made from galvanised steel, the HEDAJamb is available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm thicknesses, making this section extremely versatile over a vast range of opening sizes. The HEDAJamb section can be used for both the opening jambs (vertical members) and the lintels and sills (horizontal members) and it eliminates the need for using multiple studs and stud/track combinations.

Secondly, to connect the HEDAJamb to adjoining members, a new bracket is used, known as the HEDAConnector. This versatile bracket is suitable for all connections required around the openings, eliminating the need for ordering different brackets for different connections. 
The HEDA System has been fully engineered to meet BCA requirements and Australian Standards, ensuring you of code compliance whenever you use Studco’s new HEDA System.

The HEDA System is suitable for most opening applications and by discussing your needs with a Studco representative, you can be sure that even your most demanding opening specifications can be accommodated.

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us


 NEW The HEDAJamb and the HEDAConnector…two components comprising the new HEDA System.  The new HEDA System is the simple solution for complex constructions requiring code compliant wall openings.
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SLIMWALL - The New Energy Efficient Wall System From Studco

Wednesday, 4th September, 2011






Studco continues to lead the way in innovative building products with the release of Slimwall, a new energy efficient wall system that is code compliant to NCC 2011 Section J (BCA 2011) Energy Efficiency criteria, making it easier than ever to score Green Star points in new building projects.

This brilliant innovation offers a substantially improved method for battening the interior surfaces of external walls by enabling a larger wall cavity to be created that minimises thermal transfer and maximises energy efficiency. The Studco Slimwall system is fully adjustable so it can be used on uneven surfaces, and it's suitable for use with almost any wall structure, including precast concrete panels, masonry walls, timber framing and lightweight steel stud systems.

The new Slimwall M163 bracket is the main component of the Slimwall system and is available in two sizes for use with various width insulation products...

M163-6 Studco Slimwall bracket - suitable for wall cavities 69-92mm

M163-8 Studco Slimwall bracket - suitable for wall cavities 85-108mm

Once the M163 brackets are fixed to external wall using shot pins or masonry anchors, the Studco Slimceil M355 channel are inserted into the brackets and screwed to the brackets, achieving a secure and permanent fixing which can support a wide variety of lining board types and weights.

The system works with most insulation types including building blankets, batts, expanded polystyrene (EPS), closed-cell foams and encapsulated air polymers. The void spacer on the M163 bracket ensures the insulation material remains at a fixed distance from the external wall surface, as required by the building code. The Studco Slimwall system has been fully engineered for structural integrity, it is endorsed by major Australian insulation manufacturers and it is 100% Australia made.

So whether you're chasing 6 Star Green Star on your next project or you just need a fast, flexible and fully code compliant wall system, choose the unique, new Studco Slimwall.

The new energy efficient Studco Slimwall system was launched in conjunction with the World Green Building Week 2011. Availability is subject to confirmation at this stage.

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us

            Studco Slimwall M163 bracket is available in two sizes and connects to the Studco M355 channel to provide a suitable fixing framework for walls & ceilings
  Studco Slimwall system used with Rmax insulation to achieve R2.8 rating. 
   Studco Slimwall system used with Foilboard insulation to achieve R2.8 rating.
   Studco Slimwall system used with CSR Bradford foil-faced builders blankets to achieve R2.8 rating.
  Studco Slimwall system used with Kingspan Aircell insulation to achieve R1.8 rating.


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NEW Studco HEDA System

Tuesday, 30th August, 2011









For a fast, strong and economical wall system that’s suitable for external walls, wall openings and lightweight structural framing, consider the benefits of the Studco HEDA System.

The Studco HEDA System consists of several new components and will initially be available to suit 92mm and 150mm wall studs.

For several years now, the Studco HEDA System has been available through Studco USA and the system has proven to be popular with architects, builders and contractors where more than just the standard stud system is required.


The Studco HEDA System is made up of the following parts...

  • HEDALintel
  • HEDAJamb
  • HEDATrack
  • HEDABrackets
  • HEDASiteFab

If you have a project that could utilise the Studco HEDA System or if you would like more information on this great new system, please call 1800 STUDCO or email us at


   The Studco HEDA System consists of several new profiles to suit 92mm and 150mm wall systems.
   Suitable for high-rise and low-rise projects, the Studco HEDA System easily conquers the most demanding applications.
   The new range of HEDABrackets provide a high-strength connection between the HEDAJamb and HEDA Lintel.
   Several BER projects in 2010 and 2011 utilised the Studco HEDA System to create strong, rigid openings in external walls in high wind areas.
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Studco Rises To The Challenge At Myer Bourke Street Store

Thursday, 14th April, 2011

Myer department stores have been a Melbourne icon since 1927 and on Friday 1 April 2011, their flagship Bourke Street store was officially reopened,

following some of the most extensive refurbishment works we have seen in recent years. 

The beautiful and ornate Bourke Street store was originally built in 1929 by Sidney Myer and is now a heritage listed property, with some excellent examples of the period architecture from the per-war era.

Studco Building Systems has been heavily involved in the refurbishment works, from initial discussions with the architects at the concept design stage through to the material sign off at the project completion, and every step of the way in between.

Our engineers were on hand to assist with designs for internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting pelmets and external façades. The ceilings are a really amazing sight, with a mixture of triangulated and angled facets, intersecting at recessed lighting features with aluminium coping highlights along the ridgeline. The breathtaking appearance of the final finish is a credit to all the contractors involved in constructing these ceilings.

The project posed many challenges at every stage of the project, especially when you’re trying to integrate a 100 year old structure with some of the most advanced modern building methods.

The site logistics was a massive challenge in itself, with the store being situated right at the epicenter of Melbourne bustling CBD shopping district. Deliveries were largely made out of hours, from 5:30am through to 11:00pm. Our engineers assisted the builder and contractors on site morning, noon and night, and many products had to be custom modified on short lead times and tight delivery schedules.

Studco would like to congratulate all involved on this project, and especially the carpentry and plastering crews, on the fantastic appearance of the final result. Next time you drop into Myer Bourke Street store, look around you and see all the hard work for yourself.

Studco products used at the Myer Bourke Street project…

  • Studco steel stud system
  • Studco concealed ceiling system
  • Studco Slimceil low-clearance ceiling system
  • Resilmount acoustic ceilings and walls
  • Ezy-Reveal & Ezy-Cap, including custom sizes
  • Fast-Cap recessed lighting pelmets
  • Studco plasterboard finishing sections
  • Studco PVC moldings & trims
   Ceilings under construction with pre-fabricated pelmets.
   A maze of ceiling components, with compounded angles and intersecting joints of up to five ceiling facets.


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Clip It Beta With Genuine Studco Betafix® Clips

Tuesday, 25th January, 2011

Clip It Beta With Genuine Studco Betafix® Clips

For easy and quick battening of concrete panels and brick and block walls,

the genuine Studco Betafix® clip is hard to beat. The simple, practical design of this adjustable furring channel clip makes it the fixing of choice for many contractors for getting walls plumb and straight and in the nick of time too. 

The genuine Studco Betafix® clip is used in conjunction with the Studco M29 furring channel and Studco M308 furring channel for virtually all wall applications. 

The Studco Betafix® clip is protected by patent and Studco only offers genuine Studco Betafix® clips. Other inferior imitations occasionally become available on the market but buyer beware, there is documented cases of catastrophic failure where cheap copies have been used. 
Studco Building Systems offers a comprehensive warranty covering the use of the genuine Studco Betafix® clips with genuine Studco M29 furring channel and Studco M308 furring channel.

The genuine Studco Betafix® clip is exclusively available from Studco Building Systems’ resellers throughout Australia, New Zealand and USA.
There is four versions of the genuine Studco Betafix® clip available from Studco...

Genuine Studco Betafix® Clip (#MBF) 
Standard adjustable furring channel bracket that allows for plumb installation of furring channels on walls. The stand-off of the furring channel can be adjusted by up to 18mm with the use of this clip.

Genuine Studco Betafix® Clip - Long (#MBFS) 
A longer version of the standard clip, this clip can be used to achieve stand-offs of 22-40mm, where greater adjustment is required. It is also used in walls requiring compliance to BCA J1.5 (b) or (d) where airspace (wall cavity) is required between the structure and the insulation blanket.

Genuine Studco Betafix® Resilient Mount (#MBFR)
An adjustable furring channel clip which complies with sound isolation requirements for acoustic walls. Using the genuine Studco Betafix® Clip and the legendary Resilmount patented sound cell, this unique clip offers versatility in battened acoustic walls.

Genuine Studco Betafix® Resilient Mount With 6.5m Anchor (#MBFR6)

Same as above but supplied with a quality 6.5mm masonry sleeve anchor (dynabolt) already inserted into the mount, making it ready for immediate installation.

For information on your nearest stockist, please call us on 1800 STUDCO.

® Betafix is a registered trademark of Studco Australia Pty Ltd.

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Resilient mounting brackets

Wednesday, 7th December, 2010

Now available from Studco Building Systems, resilient mounting brackets offer a suitable sound isolation alternative to mounting clips or hangers for use in mounted ceiling installations. 

These right handed brackets consist of a one-piece, thermoplastic rubber mount and a strong right angle acoustic bracket. 

The brackets feature a series of holes to allow for use in various fixing applications, and can be mounted to a concrete structure using an M6 masonry sleeve anchor or equivalent fixing. 

Well suited for ceiling systems where it is preferable for a resilient mount to be installed before other components, these mounting brackets have a 6.5mm hole on their vertical leg, which accommodates a standard Studco hanging rod. 

This ensures that the rest of the ceiling system can be comprised of standard concealed ceiling system parts. 


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Studco Launches New Resilmount For Slimceil Ceilings

Tuesday, 30th August, 2011

Got tiny ceiling cavities but still need to meet NCC 2011 static deflection requirements?

In September 2011 Studco will launch the revolutionary new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil low-clearance ceiling systems. A recent trend in high-rise apartments has seen ceiling cavities being reduced to an absolute minimum in order to gain maximum saleable space - after all, who wants to pay for space you can't see nor use! To meet the demands of such low-clearance ceiling cavities, Studco introduced the patented Slimceil ceiling system in 2009. Now in a worldwide first, Studco has released a resilient-mounted version of the Slimceil clips that not only maintains extremely small ceiling cavities but also meets the criteria of NCC 2011 (BCA 2011) that calls for a static deflection of at least 3mm and a maximum dynamic factor of 1.1. Extensive research, testing and re-modelling of Resilmount’s patented ‘sound cell’ system has culminated in this breakthrough that is sure to change the way architects and engineers design ceilings.

The new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil is available in different hardness classes to suit a variety of loads and ceiling systems, and it also comes in a various bracket sizes for ceiling cavities ranging from 60mm up to 200mm. The Resilmount M319R resilient mount can be fixed to concrete, timber or steel structures with a single fixing and it is designed to accept the Slimceil M355 ceiling channel.

So if you need a solution for an acoustic ceiling that has low-clearance cavity but requires full compliance to the new NCC 2011 specifications, use the new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil. It’s fast, it’s compliant and it sounds great!

For more information, call 1800 STUDCO or email

   The new Resilmount M319R resilient mount for Slimceil installed in an acoustic plasterboard ceiling with a ceiling cavity of only 85mm.
   A trial installation in a high-rise apartment project proved the outstanding features of the Resilmount M319R resilient mount.
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