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Resilmount on a Global Scale at Hong Bang University

Hongbang International University

Takco, one of the largest building companies in Vietnam, have utilized Resilmount’s M50R and M24R sound isolation mounts in their recent construction of Hong Bang International University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The isolation mounts are designed to prevent noise and vibrations in sensitive areas and have been used in lecture theaters and music halls for the project. Achieving an STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) of 63 and IIC (Impact Isolation Class) of 61.

The M50R Suspended Ceiling Mount performs well above Australian standards to stop sound transfer from the space above, so students can enjoy the benefits of an A class acoustic system. Chosen over the specified German sound isolation mounts for the project, the patented natural polymer design of Studco Resilmounts hold their own in international quality standards and set the level for high performing isolation mounts in Australia.

The Studco Australia logistics team worked closely with Takco to carefully ensure a timely delivery of the product and compliance with the intricacies of Vietnam Customs requirements. Our customer focused logistics team is committed to going over and above to meet the needs of our customers, whether it be managing overseas deliveries and customs of special site requirements here. 

Studco pride ourselves as being a solution partner to our customers and look to provide them with the best outcome on their projects. 

For more information on Resilmount Sound Isolation Solutions, please click here.