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Find all Studco product ranges and specifications categorised by building system for your convenience

Steel Stud Framing Systems

Nogging Brackets Nogging Brackets
Pre-punched and Pre-cut noggin brackets to suit a wide range of timber noggin sizes.
Heda tough wall systemHeda tough wall system
High performance jamb and lintel system. Three profiles now available.
Boxed StudsBoxed Studs
All gauges of Studco studs can be boxed to provide extra strength at door openings or where greater loads are required.

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The Studco steel stud framing system is engineered to provide designers and installers the solution to create framing systems that are not only durable and versatile but can also achieve the needs and design criteria in accordance with the BCA and appropriate Australian standards.  

Our steel stud and wall framing systems have enhanced strength making them tougher, safer and more reliable for load bearing capacities.

Studco’s Steel Stud and Track Framing System provide premium performance

The Studco steel stud framing system is manufactured in a range of various widths, lengths and material gauges from 0.50mmBMT to 1.5mm BMT. This range of steel stud and track profiles not only offer greater span and performance, but also are accompanied by a range of accessories including noggings, nogging track and bracket joining systems.

Construction of fire-rated or sound rated wall systems can be achieved by using the Studco steel framing system and accessories. Refer to the building board manufacturers for more detailed information.

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Discover our comprehensive range of Steel Stud Framing Systems below!

  • Top and Bottom Track 0.50 – 0.55mm BMT
  • Deflection Head 0.50 BMT
  • Wall Stud – 0.50 BMT
  • Wall Stud – 0.55 BMT
  • Top & Bottom Track 0.70 – 0.75mm BMT
  • Deflection Head 0.70 – 0.75 BMT
  • Wall Stud – 0.75 BMT
  • Noggins – 0.75mm BMT
  • Noggin Track – 0.75mm BMT
  • Noggin Brackets
  • Top and Bottom Track 1.15mm BMT
  • Deflection Head 1.15mm BMT
  • Rapid Track
  • Wall Stud – 1.15mm BMT
  • Stud & Track – 1.5mm BMT
  • 80 Deflection Track 1.15mm BMT
  • Angle Brackets
  • Slotted Deflections Brackets
  • Heda Bracket
  • Strong Arm Bracket
  • Staggered Stud Clips
  • Universal L Bracket
  • Wall Channel 0.5mm BMT
  • Slimwall Brackets
  • Heda JAMB63
  • Heda JAMB90
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Concealed Ceiling System

Slimceil Ceiling System Slimceil Ceiling System
The engineered low clearance ceiling system.
M238 Swivel Locking KeyM238 Swivel Locking Key
Multi-directional locking clip 
that     is useful in difficult grid setout situations.
M534 Spring HangerM534 Spring Hanger
With fixing holes for preliminary suspension of bulkhead and floating ceilings.

The Studco Concealed Ceiling System is engineered to provide designers and installers with a flexible and secure system for building board flush finish.

Our Suspended Ceiling Systems provide a flush finish to your plasterboard ceiling

  • Components are manufactured from galvanised steel, designed for safe handling, and easily clipped together to form gridwork where building boards can be simply fixed.

  • Components such as battens, furring channels and top cross rail allows for a range of loading options and ceiling spans.

  • Studco Concealed Ceiling Systems can be used for non-fire-rated or fire-rated applications and have been designed to meet the relevant Australian standards.

Furring Channel Tracks enhance the efficiency of concealed ceiling systems

Furring channel track reduces the need for suspended fixing at each end of the ceiling. For curved ceilings, top cross rail can be easily curved in either direction to various radii. Furring channel track reduces the need for suspended fixing at each end of the ceiling. For curved ceilings, top cross rail can be easily curved in either direction to various radii.

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Rely on Studco for all your concealed ceiling system needs

  • Perimeter Angle
  • Primary Channels
  • Furring Channels
  • Wall Track
  • Batten Sections
  • Back Blocking Batten
  • Direct Fixing Clips
  • Primary Couplings
  • Section Joiners
  • Primary Suspension Clips
  • Rod Suspension
  • Assemblies
  • Suspension Rods
  • Slimceil Ceiling Channel
  • Ceiling Brackets
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Resilmount Sound Isolation Systems

M24R Resilient joiner bracket M24R Resilient joiner bracket
Sound isolation brace that can be used in chase wall applications
M239R Adjustable Furring Channel Resilient mountM239R Adjustable Furring   Channel Resilient mount
Fully adjustable furring channel clip that has sound isolation   fixing
M329R Direct Fix hangerM326R Direct Fix hanger
High performance resilient ceiling   hanger that meets the static deflection code

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Resilmounts sound isolation systems cover a wide range of effective solutions for isolating noise transfer for the wall and ceiling industry.

There are two types of noise transfer through walls and ceilings, airborne transfer, and structure borne transfer. Both types need to be considered to achieve the most effective result.


Airborne noise is noise that travels through air, through a direct or open path between the noise source and the recipient. Airborne noise requires sound insulation and isolation control.


Structure-borne noise is audible noise which is generated by vibrations induced into the structure. Vibrations can be generated by machinery attached directly to a surface, that in turn transfers into the structure. Another example is the sound of the footsteps on the floor above a listener. Structure-borne noise requires the isolation of the vibration itself.

The installation of Resilmounts which suit standard furring channels and top cross rails are one of the most cost effective acoustic control systems as they isolate the system from the structure or adjoining parties.

Resilmounts unique thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its absorbing characteristics. Resilmounts unique sound cell design guards against structure borne vibrations transferring into the body of the Resilmount because of its strong column design providing a small percentage of contact surface area with the structure or substrate it is fixed to.

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Whether dealing with airborne noise or Structure borne noise browse our noise isolation solutions below

  • Resilient Mounts – M237R
  • Resilient Mounts – M237TR
  • Resilient Mounts – MBFR
  • Resilient Mounts - M24R
  • Resilient Mounts - M48R
  • Resilient Mounts – M96R
  • Resilient Mounts – M239R
  • Resilient Mounts – M50R
  • Resilient Mounts – RM07
  • SLIMCEIL Resilient Mounts
  • SLIMCEIL Resilient Mounts
  • Resilient Channel
  • Resilient Mounts – M326R
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Studco Exposed T-Bar System

BT1013 Aluminium Bulkhead Trim BT1013 Aluminium Bulkhead Trim
Curved to project specific radius
Suspended CeilingSuspended Ceiling
Exposed grid system supported   by hanger wires attached directly   to the existing structure.
Exposed T-barExposed T-bar wall angle   available in three sections.

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The Studco exposed grid ceiling system is a prefinished white T-bar system which is used to create grid modules which support lay in ceiling tiles, either plasterboard or acoustic mineral fibre types.

Exposed grid ceiling systems provide easy access to services within the ceiling. The Studco Exposed T Bar System can be suspended below Concrete Slabs, Joists or Purlins.

While a concrete supported structure doesn't offer any specific challenges, there are factors that require consideration when supporting an exposed grid ceiling below purlins. The most common layout configuration is a 1200mm x 600mm module. This utilises Intermediate 1200mm Cross Runners spaced at 600mm centres between the Main Runners which run perpendicular to supporting purlins. The long edge of the ceiling tile then runs the same direction as the purlins.

Our great range of Studco exposed T-bar ceiling systems include

  • Main Tee
  • Cross Tee
  • Wall Angles
  • Wall Angles – Aluminium
  • Suspension Hangers
  • Galvanised Wire
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Studco Top Hats Sections

Blacbackingstrip Black Backing Strips
Versatile black backing strips for express joint applications
Heavy Gauge Top HatsHeavy Gauge Top Hats
Available in a range of sizes for fixing cladding to interior and exterior building structures.
Slotted Angle for HebelSlotted Angle for Hebel
Suitable for autoclad created concrete panel systems

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Studco Top Hat Sections are used for fixing support for lining material where the structural framework is not suitable for fixing directly to. A range of Studco Junction Studs, Battens and Top Hats in various sizes and thicknesses are available to suit any cladding requirements for interior or exterior use.

Refer to the Studco design and installation manual for Top Hat section span tables. Top Hat sections and cladding sections can be custom rolled to suit your project specific requirements.

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Studco’s wide range of top hat and cladding sections include

  • XP Wall System
  • Black Backing Strip
  • Smooth Face Batten
  • Batten Section
  • Roof Batten
  • Top Hat
  • Junction Stud Brackets
  • Façade Angle
  • Angle
  • Galvanised Sheet
  • Slotted Angle
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Studco Plasterboard Sections

SM10 Aluminium Wall TrackEJ10 Expansion Joint 
For use in areas where movement may occur, allowing for       movement in all directions.   
Supplied pre-assembled.
PEX90 Perforated External Angle 90PEX90 Perforated External Angle 90the strong, optimum nib profile.
EJ10 Expansion Joint
SM10 Aluminium Wall Track
All-in-one shadowline wall track that
guarantees consistent shadowline
margins and a neat finish in
corner mitres. 


The Studco Trim90 plasterboard beads are a superior plasterboard finishing section designed for installation by professional plasterboard contractors and to provide a clean defined edge on either curved or straight plasterboard details.

The perforated legs provide a strong key for building board finishing compounds and the optimum nib profile provides a knock resistant corner. The wide range of Trim 90 profiles available will suit all standard building boards, however is a custom profile is required Studco has the facility to produce special sizes and profiles to suit individual requirements. All standard exangle range of Trim90 beads are packaged in cartons to provide protection for your convenience.

Our huge range of Studco Plasterboard Sections include:

  • 90 Degree External Corners
  • 135 Degree External Corners
  • 90 Degree Internal Corners
  • 135 Degree Internal Corners
  • Angles
  • Utility Angles
  • Top Hat Bath Channel
  • Metal Stopping Beads
  • Bullnose Sections
  • Arch Beads
  • Metal Casing Beads
  • Shadowline Stopping Angles
  • Stopping Angles
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EZYJamb Flush Finish Door Jambs

For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail. EZYJamb does just that!

Concealed Hinges and Cavity Sliders are just the beginning for EZYJamb

EZYJamb steel door frames are Manufactured by STUDCO Building Systems who specialises in the manufacture of quality rollformed steel building products. EZYJamb is committed to fulfilling the most challenging customer requirements and is constantly seeking to introduce and implement new viable systems for the construction industry worldwide. STUDCO is a quality accredited company to ISO 9001 and is dedicated to offering quality products with personalized efficient customer service.

EZYJamb is a split type jamb manufactured form cold rolled steel with a patented profile to produce a strong and secure assembly. The unique design of EZYJamb combines visual appeal, strength and versatility.

EZYJambEZYJamb Flush Finish Door Jamb

EZYJAMB for Hinged doors

Single Door – STANDARD

2040 x


2340 x

2040 x


2340 x

Single Door – CUSTOM

Up to 3000mm high x 1100mm wide*


Double Door – STANDARD

2040 x

               620-720-820 double door

2340 x

Double Door - CUSTOM

Up to 3000mm high x 920/920mm wide*


Full Height Door - CUSTOM

Up to 3000mm high x 1100mm wide*


ROCyork Rocyork Concealed Hinges


Rocyork hinge – hirline, stainless steel

Rocyork hinge - lift-off, stainless steel

Rocyork hinge – RY45 concealed, adjustable

EZYJamb hinge preparation for Rocyork RY45 concealed hinge, required for each hinge

Cavkit Cavity Slider

EZYJAMB CAVKIT for Cavity Sliders


2040 x


2340 x

Cavkit – CUSTOM

Up to 2700mm high x 1100mm wide*

POA=price on application. Please contact Studco for Pricing.
For doors with dimensions larger than that shown, please contact Studco for special pricing.*SIzes noted are maximum dimensions. All door jambs up to this size are covered by this price.

Wall Thickness for EZYJambs

- Suitable for 82-220mm finished wall thickness, for larger wall thickness please contact Studco.

Wall Thickness for Cavkit

- Suitable for 79-127mm finished wall thickness, for larger wall thickness please contact Studco.


- Prices for hinged doors include all hinges, latch plate and latch plate punching where applicable.

Hinges per door: 2040mm high = 2 hinges

2340mm high = 3 hinges

3000mm high = 4 hinges

- Prices for cavity sliders include trim reveals and rebated closer cap.


- Standard products: 5 working days

- Custom products: 15 working days

- Orders for 20 jambs or more are subject to written confirmation of lead times

- Lead times are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen demand fluctuations. Always confirm exact lead time with EZYJamb prior to placing order.


- To order EZYJamb products, please click here to complete order forms

Expedited Orders

- for urgent orders manufacturing processes can be expedited on request. Expedited orders can be despatched within 2 - 3 working days from receipt of order. A charge of $85.00 per jamb set is applicable to expedited orders.

- Expedition of EZYJamb orders is not always possible and is subject to operational requirements. Always confirm exact lead time with EZYJamb prior to placing order.

Project Specific Quotes

- Project Specific quotes are available within 5 working days of your request.

Packaging Fee

- Where Studco is required to ship EZYJamb products to the customer or site, a packaging fee is applicable. Freight charges also apply.


- As all EZYJamb's are made specifically to order to individual requirements, all EZYJamb door jambs are non returnable and non refundable. All orders for EZYJamb door jambs are also irrevocable after two (2) hours of EZYJamb receiving the order, due to manufacturing and scheduling requirements.

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EZY Finishing Sections

PVC Tear-Away. EZYCap
The strong and versatile   alternative for stop ends.
SA77 Spray Adhesive.EZYReveal
Quick and economical finishing
of reveals.
Studco’s range of PVC mouldingsFastCap
Custom finishing sections.

The Studco EZY finishing sections EZYCap, EZYReveal, Cavkit, FastCap and EZYPelmet are designed to provide a quick and economical method for the finishing and capping of plasterboard.

Manufactured from cold rolled form steel providing a strong and secure section, that is durable and fast to install.

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PVC Moulding & Trims

PVC Tear-Away. PVC Tear-Away.
A unique feature available on a range of PVC sections, providing a guide for your joint knife as well as  
a protective masking for  compound and painting. Simply  tear off the leg for a clean finish.
SA77 Spray Adhesive.SA77 Spray Adhesive.
A fast tack adhesive that bonds PVC mouldings and trims to plasterboard. Compound can be applied approx. 30 mins after PVC is positioned.
Studco’s range of PVC mouldingsStudco’s range of PVC mouldings
and trims manufactured from UV stabilised PVC.

PVC mouldings to suit any exterior or interior building application

  • Available in a huge range of different shapes and sizes, PVC Mouldings are a far cry in quality from the wood and metal trims and mouldings of days gone by. PVC Mouldings are as easy to cut as wood is, and it minimises sanding and grinding.
  • The most significant characteristic of PVC Mouldings and Trims is the flexibility. This creates the ability to adjust the mouldings to different angles and curves in structures.
  • Ensure the small imperfections of your interior or exterior structure are hidden with PVC Mouldings and trims from Studco Systems. Contact us today on (03) 9737 2500 to discuss the many applications possible.

Our great range of PVC Mouldings and Trims include

  • Casing Beads
  • Divisional Moulds
  • PVC External Corner
  • PVC Internal Corners
  • Magic Corner
  • PVC Arch Beads
  • Chamfer bead
  • PVC Stopping Angles
  • PVC Stopping Beads
  • Oversize Stopping Angles
  • PVC Expansion Joints
  • PVC Shadowline Beads
  • PVC Reveal Beads
  • Super & Giant “L” Beads
  • Super & Giant Arch Beads
  • Finish Trims
  • PVC Spray Adhesive
  • Ceiling/Wall Trim
  • Ceiling/Wall Trim
  • PVC Bullnose External Corners
  • PVC Bullnose Arch Beads
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Studco Access Panels

Budget Lock Budget Lock
Access panels available with a Budget Lock. Does not require any special tools to open.
Key LockKey Lock
Access panels available with a Key Lock for added security. A number of panels can be keyed alike.
Touch LatchTouch Latch
Access panels available with a Touch Latch, providing a clean finish. Simply press the door open.

The Studco access panel range of Metal Face, Sound Rated and Fire Rated Access Panel Systems have been designed to meet the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia and New Zealand for both Domestic and Commercial installation.

The Studco Access Panels can be installed during or post construction and fit with security locks if required. Studco also offers acoustic panels, which are available with a range of different acoustic properties including RW30, RW45 and RW51. A range of finishes and custom sizes to suit all interior commercial, domestic and medical environments are available.

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