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EZYJamb Flush Finish Door Jambs

For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail. EZYJamb does just that!

Concealed Hinges and Cavity Sliders are just the beginning for EZYJamb

EZYJamb steel door frames are Manufactured by STUDCO Building Systems who specialises in the manufacture of quality rollformed steel building products. EZYJamb is committed to fulfilling the most challenging customer requirements and is constantly seeking to introduce and implement new viable systems for the construction industry worldwide. STUDCO is a quality accredited company to ISO 9001 and is dedicated to offering quality products with personalized efficient customer service.

EZYJamb is a split type jamb manufactured form cold rolled steel with a patented profile to produce a strong and secure assembly. The unique design of EZYJamb combines visual appeal, strength and versatility.

EZYJambEZYJamb Flush Finish Door Jamb

EZYJAMB for Hinged doors

Single Door – STANDARD

2040 x


2340 x

2040 x


2340 x

Single Door – CUSTOM

Up to 3000mm high x 1100mm wide*


Double Door – STANDARD

2040 x

               620-720-820 double door

2340 x

Double Door - CUSTOM

Up to 3000mm high x 920/920mm wide*


Full Height Door - CUSTOM

Up to 3000mm high x 1100mm wide*


ROCyork Rocyork Concealed Hinges


Rocyork hinge – hirline, stainless steel

Rocyork hinge - lift-off, stainless steel

Rocyork hinge – RY45 concealed, adjustable

EZYJamb hinge preparation for Rocyork RY45 concealed hinge, required for each hinge

Cavkit Cavity Slider

EZYJAMB CAVKIT for Cavity Sliders


2040 x


2340 x

Cavkit – CUSTOM

Up to 2700mm high x 1100mm wide*

POA=price on application. Please contact Studco for Pricing.
For doors with dimensions larger than that shown, please contact Studco for special pricing.*SIzes noted are maximum dimensions. All door jambs up to this size are covered by this price.

Wall Thickness for EZYJambs

- Suitable for 82-220mm finished wall thickness, for larger wall thickness please contact Studco.

Wall Thickness for Cavkit

- Suitable for 79-127mm finished wall thickness, for larger wall thickness please contact Studco.


- Prices for hinged doors include all hinges, latch plate and latch plate punching where applicable.

Hinges per door: 2040mm high = 2 hinges

2340mm high = 3 hinges

3000mm high = 4 hinges

- Prices for cavity sliders include trim reveals and rebated closer cap.


- Standard products: 5 working days

- Custom products: 15 working days

- Orders for 20 jambs or more are subject to written confirmation of lead times

- Lead times are subject to change without notice due to unforeseen demand fluctuations. Always confirm exact lead time with EZYJamb prior to placing order.


- To order EZYJamb products, please click here to complete order forms

Expedited Orders

- for urgent orders manufacturing processes can be expedited on request. Expedited orders can be despatched within 2 - 3 working days from receipt of order. A charge of $85.00 per jamb set is applicable to expedited orders.

- Expedition of EZYJamb orders is not always possible and is subject to operational requirements. Always confirm exact lead time with EZYJamb prior to placing order.

Project Specific Quotes

- Project Specific quotes are available within 5 working days of your request.

Packaging Fee

- Where Studco is required to ship EZYJamb products to the customer or site, a packaging fee is applicable. Freight charges also apply.


- As all EZYJamb's are made specifically to order to individual requirements, all EZYJamb door jambs are non returnable and non refundable. All orders for EZYJamb door jambs are also irrevocable after two (2) hours of EZYJamb receiving the order, due to manufacturing and scheduling requirements.