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Studco launches 10 new & improved products in 2011!

Tuesday, 20th December, 2011

In line with our aim to be the 'Leaders In Innovative Building Products',

The progressive Studco R&D team have been working overtime throughout 2011 to bring better and smarter building products to the Australian construction industry.

Here we review ten new and improved building products released by Studco during 2011, along with some other highlights of the year.


#1 FEBRUARY 2011

Improved external finishing angles

Improved nib profile, heavier gauge, better plaster finish, straighter lines, packaged in boxes.

 #2 MARCH 2011

Express joint backing strip for ceilings & walls

Easiest & fastest way to create a sharp, black express joint with fibre cement sheet or aluminium composite panels.

#3 APRIL 2011

Additional M50R isolation hangers for ceilings

Two new sound isolation hangers from Resilmount, meet NCA2011 static deflection criteria.

#4 MAY 2011

Alubase aluminium skirting boards

Clean lines, low profile, various configurations, suitable for commercial & domestic interiors.

#5 JUNE 2011

New sizes of popular Ezy-Reveal

Studco adds 40mm, 45mm and 135mm window reveals to the highly popular range of original Ezy-Reveals.

#6 JULY 2011

StrongArm wall brace for free-standing walls

Fully engineered structural brace. Also suitable for nib walls, balustrades, bulkheads and smoke baffles.

#7 AUGUST 2011

HEDA system for wall openings

Heavy structural stud sections for wall openings (92x76x1.15mm & 92x90x1.55mm). New M104 structural bracket.


Slimwall - energy efficient wall system

Code compliant, meets BCA Section J criteria, score Green Star points. For use with masonry & concrete walls.

#9 OCTOBER 2011

M319R resilient mount for Slimceil

Complies to stringent static deflection regulations. Use with Slimceil for suspended ceilings with small cavities.

#10 NOVEMBER 2011

Rapidtrack - slotted deflection track

The superior solution for vertical deflection in external steel stud wall applications