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Studco Engineering Services

Studco Technical Services provides tailored construction engineering solutions to contractors, builders and architects for all major projects where Studco products are exclusively used. 

Studco Technical ServicesStudco Product GuaranteeStudco Engineering Support

Studco Technical Services offers complete engineering assistance including full supporting documentation.                                                                          We offer a written guarantee for each and every project. We don’t just put our name on the line; we’re right behind you on every job.                             Studco’s engineering team and agents can visit your site and assist with all your queries regarding installation of metal building sections.                            

Studco Technical Services can provide engineering services for installations in the following areas…

  • Partition Walls
  • Ceiling Systems
  • External Walls
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • External Façades
  • Acoustic Control

We offer a complete service that covers all aspects of engineering documentation and inspection. Studco Technical Services staff have extensive experience in creating innovative engineering solutions for lightweight steel structures and we can assist you in providing the following information…

  • Engineering documents
  • Certified computations
  • Drawings & diagrams
  • Qualified acoustic opinions
  • Installation reports
  • Site inspections

Our engineering service is backed by qualified structural engineers and all systems are designed for strict conformance to the latest expectations of all relevant Australian Standards and BCA guidelines. Upon request, we can also provide a written guarantee on completion of your project to satisfy the needs of your architect or client.

The cost of engineering services varies widely, depending on the particular project requirements. If Studco branded products are exclusively used for the project, Studco Technical Services can provide basic engineering services at no charge to clients who qualify (conditions apply).

For acoustically sensitive applications, we can engineer high-performance, resilient-mounted wall and ceiling systems that are code compliant. We are also able to offer advice and support on energy efficiency in walls and ceilings for new buildings.

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