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Using The Studco M100 Bracket In Staggered Stud Walls

Wall installations requiring acoustic isolation are often built as staggered stud walls, where the top and bottom track is a larger size than the stud size and the studs are placed on either side of the track at staggered centres (see Fig. 1). 

The most common combination is 92mm track and 64mm stud. This combination is relatively simple to work with, as most installers use a small section of Studco M40 wall track to space out the back of the stud (see Fig.2).

This method becomes an issue when installing a staggered stud wall in a deflection situation, as the stud is fixed in position and the lateral stud movement is effectively stopped. The Studco M126 staggered stud wall clip can be used for deflection situations, but only where un-hemmed track is used.

Another issue is when different size studs and tracks are specified, such as 150mm track and 76mm studs. All alternative combinations render the M40 wall track fixing method useless.

The Studco M100 bracket can be used as a secure and simple fixing method for deflecting staggered stud walls of any stud/track combination (see Fig.3). The M100 bracket is fixed through the track into the concrete substrate and then the stud is screw fixed to the bracket through the slotted holes in the M100 bracket. This will allow the stud to move freely when necessary but it hold firm otherwise. 

The low-cost Studco M100 bracket is readily available through Studco’s national distribution network. 

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 Studco M100 bracket in staggered stud wallUsing the Studco M100 bracket in staggered stud walls works for virtually every stud/track combination, without limiting the deflection requirements of the wall.