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Wall Openings Made Quick & Easy

Thursday, 13th October, 2011










The all new HEDA System from Studco offers a fast and easy way of creating openings in walls in both internal and external applications. Traditionally, wall openings have required two or three studs at each side of the jamb and a series of studs and track to act as a lintel.

Whilst this method remains highly popular, the new HEDA System from Studco uses fewer sections and fewer connections, thereby greatly decreasing construction time and simplifying the construction process.

The new HEDA System consists of only two items. Firstly, there is one new profile, known as the HEDAJamb, which is 92mm wide and 75mm deep, and suits the standard 92mm steel stud system from Studco. Made from galvanised steel, the HEDAJamb is available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm thicknesses, making this section extremely versatile over a vast range of opening sizes. The HEDAJamb section can be used for both the opening jambs (vertical members) and the lintels and sills (horizontal members) and it eliminates the need for using multiple studs and stud/track combinations.

Secondly, to connect the HEDAJamb to adjoining members, a new bracket is used, known as the HEDAConnector. This versatile bracket is suitable for all connections required around the openings, eliminating the need for ordering different brackets for different connections. 
The HEDA System has been fully engineered to meet BCA requirements and Australian Standards, ensuring you of code compliance whenever you use Studco’s new HEDA System.

The HEDA System is suitable for most opening applications and by discussing your needs with a Studco representative, you can be sure that even your most demanding opening specifications can be accommodated.

For architectural specifications, or to order, or for more information, please call 1800 STUDCO or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 NEW The HEDAJamb and the HEDAConnector…two components comprising the new HEDA System.  The new HEDA System is the simple solution for complex constructions requiring code compliant wall openings.