StrongArm Wall Brace

A Simple Solution to Support Free-Standing Walls

The Studco M110 StrongArm® brace is the simple support brace that helps improve rigidity and minimise lateral deflection on free standing walls. This problem-solving brace is engineered for rapid in-wall strengthening of free-standing steel stud walls in commercial applications.

StrongArm Bracket - Studco AU
  • StrongArm limits deflection and improves rigidity.


  • StrongArm can be applied to standard Steel Stud Walls.


  • Meets all structural compliance requirements of Australian Standards and BCA guidelines.

Options for Bracing Structural Walls

Free-standing or isolated walls often require an additional structural member to limit deflection and improve rigidity. Using heavy gauge steel framing, installing supporting rods or anchors are popular methods of limiting deflection. However, these methods typically require custom-made structural steel sections which can lead to lengthy wait times, construction delays and additional costs.

The Studco M110 StrongArm structural wall brace provides additional strength to the frame, minimises lateral deflection on the wall and can be applied to a standard (92mm or 150mm) steel stud wall. The added benefit of using this brace is the ability to install it without having to rework the entire construction of the wall. Having built the wall frame first, the StrongArm brace is inserted into the track, fixed to the concrete, and bolted to the stud.

StrongArm Bracket Dimension - Studco AU

StrongArm Features

  • Designed for free-standing walls, half-height walls, framed balustrades, nib walls, free-hanging bulkheads, smoke baffles and acoustic baffles.
  • Easily installed – simply bolt into studs and concrete with M12 bolts.
  • Specifically designed for application with Studco Structural Wall Framing.
  • Designed for resistance against wind forces and impact loads.
  • Does not protrude outside of the framing line of a 92mm or 150mm stud wall
  • Engineered to meet structural compliance requirements of Australian Standards and BCA guidelines
  • Tested for internal and external applications
  • Finished in hot dip galvanised coating for maximum longevity.
  • Fixes to concrete, timber or structural stud.
  • Made in Australia, using 12mm thick steel.
  • The StrongArm is supplied with all the necessary bolts, nuts, anchors and screws needed for a standard application.
  • The brace is readily available from Studco for same day dispatch.
  • Supplied in a standard 1200mm length for ease of application. Can be easily used in shorter walls by cutting the bracket down to the desired height with an angle grinder.

StrongArm Brace Installation - Studco AU


StrongArm Brace Datasheet - Studco AU

StrongArm Datasheet

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