The Revolutionary Anti-Creaking Solution for Tall Buildings

The Revolutionary Anti-Creaking Solution for Tall Buildings

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Creaking noises have been recorded at more than 70dB in some tall apartment buildings! It keeps apartment residents awake at night and terrifies unsuspecting hotel guests. But how can we avoid this as we continue to construct taller skyscrapers?

The Studco Vortex High Performance® steel stud and track framing system is ideal for apartments, tall buildings and high wind locations.

This revolutionary anti-creaking solution that has already been successfully installed in buildings throughout Australia and is just another way Studco® is helping resolve construction problems with innovative green building products.

Read more about this unique, world-first steel framing system at or call us on 1300 255 255

Case Studies

Light House Tower, VIC
Products Used
Vortex Isolation Clips, Steel Stud and Track, EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems


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