The Original BetaFix Clips is Back!

The Original BetaFix Clips is Back!

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The Studco® BetaFix Clip is an adjustable furring channel clip, used when installing furring channels to masonry walls, where the surface is uneven. The BetaFix® clip allows the furring channel to clip in at different positions on each BetaFix clip along the surface area, to account for variations in the masonry. This eliminates the need of shimming and provides for a faster and more accurate installation.

Once the BetaFix clips is securely fastened onto the wall, the furring channel simply snaps into the BetaFix clip at the required position, without the need for additional fasteners.

Benefits of Studco BetaFix Clips:

Direct FixClip BetaFix - Studco AU

The Studco BetaFix clip can also be used in conjunction with Resilmount for soundproofing assemblies.

For more information about Studco BetaFix clips, Resilmount MBFR and MBFR6 Adjustable Direct Fix Clips, contact



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