Concrete Anchors – It’s your choice

Concrete Anchors – It’s your choice

Key Points:
  • Studco’s engineers work closely with most major trusted brands of anchors and fixings.
  • Your Studco® System Warranty is not affected when using a compliant anchor from a qualified supplier of your choice.
  • Tested and ETA-approved anchors can be used for installing metal building systems in seismic-rated buildings.
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Can I choose my own fastener supplier?

Yes, the brand of concrete anchors that you choose to use is up to you. Most of Studco’s customers have long-standing relationships with fastener suppliers and we respect your right to choose a supplier based on expertise, range, quality and price. Studco’s engineers work closely with most major trusted brands of anchors and fixings but we are not in the business of forcing our customers to use any particular brand; it’s your choice.

Fasteners Group
There is a lot of different concrete anchors out there, but the choice is yours.

Does Studco specify a particular type or brand of anchor?

In Studco engineering documentation, our engineers will specify a maximum loading for each concrete anchor. There is a number of different anchors you can use to meet our requirements. We suggest you provide this document to your fastener supplier, together with the design criteria for the job, and they will recommend an anchor that meets these requirements. If you have a specific anchor that wish to include in the Studco engineering documentation, we can liaise with your anchor supplier to obtain the correct information and ensure compliance. If you do not have a preferred supplier, please contact the Studco Technical Team and we can point you in the right direction.

Where are concrete anchors used?

Typically concrete anchors are use to secure light gauge framing systems to concrete structures. Steel stud wall framing used in external walls and safety critical applications generally require concrete anchors. Ceiling framing systems for both internal and external applications generally use concrete anchors to fix to the concrete structure. And facades systems, such as top hats, are commonly fixed to concrete walls using concrete anchors. Fire-rated building elements may use concrete anchors. Fixing metal building systems to old or cracked concrete is best achieved using concrete anchors. Concrete anchors are available in 6mm, 8mm 10mm and 12mm diameter and with embedment depth of 40mm-120mm depending on your specific needs.

Fastener Screw Stud 400x300
Studco track section being installed with ETA-approved 6x40mm concrete screw anchor.

How does this affect my Studco warranty?

By using a complaint anchor from a qualified supplier of your choice, your Studco system warranty will not be affected. In Australia, quality concrete anchors are designed to meet AS 5216:2018 and in doing so, will generally meet the requirements of the National Construction Code. Anchor requirements for the Studco systems are made clear and simple, and providing you meet these requirements, you are safe with a genuine Studco warranty.

Are special concrete anchors required for seismic applications?

Seismic experts in the world of engineered fasteners are rapidly developing new solutions for Australia’s builders and installers. Tested and ETA-approved anchors can be used for installing metal building systems in seismic-rated buildings for earthquake resilience, in conjunction with Studco’s seismic-rated structural designs. When looking for a seismic-approved anchor, always look out for the ETA logo with an test approval number.

Concrete anchors seismic 0820
Concrete anchors used in installation of Studco external wall framing in a seismic-rated building with minimal concrete edge distance.

If you have any questions about concrete anchors choice or require additional information, please contact Studco’s Technical Team on 1300 255 255.

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