Studco – Your Onsite Construction Partners

Studco – Your Onsite Construction Partners

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At Studco®, we take pride in not only being a supplier of steel building systems, but also in being a preferred construction partner to our customers. Providing detailed solutions, onsite inspections and engineering services are only a small part of the services we offer.
Engineering Team Working - Studco AU

Many difficult structural feats are made possible from the detailed and extensive guidance of the Studco Engineering team, with our attention to detail, experience, and competitive focus that set us apart from the competition. With the ability to sign off on projects rather than sending documents to a third party, Studco engineers uphold their reputation for fast and efficient turnaround on technical enquiries.

Studco Technical Services can provide engineering services for installations in the following areas:

  • Partition Walls
  • Ceiling Systems
  • External Walls
  • Load Bearing Walls
  • External Facades
  • Acoustic Control

We offer a complete service that covers all aspects of engineering documentation and inspection. Studco Technical Services staff have extensive experience in creating innovative engineering solutions for lightweight steel structures and we can assist you in providing the following information:

  • Engineering documents
  • Certified computations
  • Drawings & diagrams
  • Qualified acoustic opinions
  • Installation reports
  • Site inspections

Backed by qualified structural engineers, our engineering service is designed for strict conformance to the latest expectations of all relevant Australian Standards and BCA guidelines. Upon request, we can also provide a written guarantee on the completion of your project to satisfy the needs of your architect or client.



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