NEW LOOK for the Original Innovators of Clean Lines and Flush Finishes

NEW LOOK for the Original Innovators of Clean Lines and Flush Finishes

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Studco’s EZ Concept®, the manufacturers of the original EzyJamb® door jamb systems, are proud to unveil our new design!

EZ Concept seeks innovative and clever solutions that provide stylish results, clean lines, and a flush finish. EzyJamb and our growing range of openings and finishings products promote minimalistic, modern finishes by eliminating architraves, trims, and traditional timber systems for interior spaces.

After immense global success, we have taken the next step to unite our entire offering under one bold and recognisable building system design that represents the essence of our brand.

We are about being inventive and creative while remaining restrained and minimal, and our new design reflects the modern appeal and seamless lines that our architectural finishing systems create, including EzyJambCavKit®EzyPelmet®EzyReveal®, and FastCap®.

Things have changed… Introducing EZ Concept’s new look!

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EZ Concept – Architectural Finishing Systems will offer your next residential, commercial or industrial project a modern interior that is a cut above the rest. To speak to us about how you can create architrave-free rooms, contact the EZ Concept team on 1300 399 526 or email



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