New HEDA Lintel Connector

New HEDA Lintel Connector

Ideal for external steel stud wall framing systems, the Studco® M107 structural connector is the ultimate solution for fixing lintels and sills to jamb studs when rough framing window and door openings.
Key Points:
  • The Studco M107 is the ultimate solution for fixing Lintels and Sills to Jamb Studs.
  • Compatible with standard Studco 92mm and 150mm Steel Stud Systems.
  • Slotted connection holes enable a single installer.

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In response to customer feedback; M107 connectors were developed as an improved solution to installing lintel and sill combinations in the HEDA® Tough Wall System.

Compatible with standard Studco 92mm and 150mm steel stud systems, the M107’s slotted connection holes enable a single installer to easily frame openings of all sizes with detailed precision.


  • Suitable for framing openings for windows and doors.
  • It provides a completely clear opening inside framing with no screw heads or brackets.
  • Works with Studco HEDA Tough Wall System and Studco Steel Stud System.
  • Available in two sizes to suit common structural stud widths: 92mm & 150mm.
  • Allows openings (even large ones) to be framed by a single person.
  • Structural constraint and buckling resistance to both lateral and vertical loads.
  • Suitable for external and internal walls in all building types.
  • Accommodates almost any combination of sections for fabricated lintels and sills.
Learn more about the new HEDA M107 Lintel Connector by downloading the datasheet or contacting your Studco representative

The HEDA Lintel Connector



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