4 Nogging Track Options You Need To Know

4 Nogging Track Options You Need To Know

A nogging is a horizontal bracing piece that is used in stud wall frames to prevent twisting of the studs during the installation of the lining boards. This form of bridging provides a strong rigid frame for the plasterboard and prevents cracks in the plasterboard joints.  Noggings also provide extra support to the wall construction, and in some instances a more cost-effective design can be achieved by using noggings.
Key Points:
  • Studco® offer 4 different nogging solutions for a variety of uses.
  •  Studco manufacture Steel Noggings which can be installed after Stud and Tracks are fitted.
  • Studco also offer a steel nogging bracket for easy timber nogging installation.
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Studco offer a range of nogging products to suit a variety of uses and save installation time:

Steel Noggings & Nogging Track

Studco manufactures two types of noggings for use in steel stud walls – individual noggings and nogging track.

Noggings are supplied as pre-cut individual nogging pieces to save time cutting on site and can also be installed after the studs and tracks have been fitted. Studco noggings are available in 450mm or 600mm stud centres and suitable for 64mm – 150mm stud thicknesses.

Nogging track is a continuous track that can be installed in stud framing in one length and requires only two screw fixings per stud connection. The studs slide into the nogging track and are fixed in to overcome movement of the studs in the frame. The Studco nogging track is a 3600mm long track with 300mm, 450mm or 600mm centres. Nogging track to suit custom centres and back to back studs is also available.

Nogging Brackets for Timber Noggings

Architects often specify timber noggings for steel stud walls, to provide a suitable fixing point for wall-mounted fixtures that are installed after the plastering process is complete. However, traditional fixing methods for timber noggings in steel stud walls can be labour-intensive and require skilled workmanship.

The Studco nogging bracket de-skills the installation process and provides high-strength fixing in a fraction of the time… Read more

Noggings for Curved Walls

As standard noggins are not flexible, using them to construct curved walls can be challenging. A solution to this problem is to use Studco steel strap product in place of metal or timber noggings…  Read more

Curved Wall Nogging Design Manual - Studco®

For architectural specifications or installation advice, please contact Studco’s Technical Team at techadvice@studcosystems.com.au or call us on 1300 255 255.

Nogging, Nogging Track and Nogging Bracket Installations

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