Reduce Construction Time With Studco Nogging Brackets

Reduce Construction Time With Studco Nogging Brackets

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Below is a general instruction for how to build a steel stud wall. However, requirements may vary for different types of wall structures, so it is recommended to contact Studco’s technical team for design advice on your project.

Steps to Build a Metal Stud Wall:

  1. Plan and Measure
    Determine the position of the planned wall. Mark out the position of the track on the floor and on the structure at the top, using a laser level or plumb bob. Make sure you check for any cables, pipes, or obstructions in the way.
  2. Install Base Track
    Measure, mark, and cut the base track to the required length and fix it to the floor as per the engineer’s instructions. Fixing type and the spacing between the fixings may vary from project to project depending on the design parameters of the specific project.
    Contact Studco’s technical team for assistance, if required.
  3. Install Top Track
    Next, you can install the top track, following the instructions in Step 2, making sure it is directly above the location of the base track.
  4. Insert Nogging Track
    If using a nogging track, place the nogging track on top of the base track before inserting the studs.
  5. Install Studs
    Insert studs diagonally into the base track first, then maneuver the top of the stud into the top track. Ensure studs are plumb and level, and correctly spaced along the length of the wall (typically 300mm, 450mm or 600mm apart). Fix studs into the base track with self-drill screws. For fixing the top track, fastening techniques may vary depending on the type of structure. Please consult Studco’s technical team for the correct fixing method for your project.
  6. Complete Installation of Nogging Track
    Lift the nogging track to the required height and fasten it to wall studs with a self-drill screw on both sides of the stud.
  7. Finish the Wall
    Install insulation batts and plasterboard linings as per manufacturers’ recommendations.

If you intend to have a shelf load on the wall, such as wall-mounted cabinets or shelving, this may mean your wall framing needs to be stronger. Please contact Studco® for design advice.

Contact Studco’s technical team on 1300 255 255 or email

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