SlimWall – The Energy Efficient Wall System from Studco

SlimWall – The Energy Efficient Wall System from Studco

Studco® continues to lead the way in innovative building products with the release of SlimWall®, a new energy-efficient wall system that is code compliant to NCC 2011 Section J (BCA 2011) Energy Efficiency criteria, making it easier than ever to score Green Star points in new building projects.
Key Points:
  • Studco Slimwall Batten Wall System is 100% Australian made from high quality, Australian steel. 
  • Minimises thermal transfer and maximises energy efficiency.
  • Supports a wide variety lining board types and weights and works with most insulation types. 
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This brilliant innovation offers a substantially improved method for battening the interior surfaces of external walls by enabling a larger wall cavity to be created that minimises thermal transfer and maximises energy efficiency. The Studco Slimwall system is fully adjustable so it can be used on uneven surfaces, and it’s suitable for use with almost any wall structure, including precast concrete panels, masonry walls, timber framing and lightweight steel stud systems.

The new Slimwall M163 bracket is the main component of the Slimwall system and is available in two sizes for use with various width insulation products…

  • M163-6 suitable for wall cavities 69-92mm.
  • M163-8 suitable for wall cavities 85-108mm

Once the M163 brackets are fixed to external wall using shot pins or masonry anchors, the Studco Slimceil® M355 channel are inserted into the brackets and screwed to the brackets, achieving a secure and permanent fixing which can support a wide variety of lining board types and weights.

The system works with most insulation types including building blankets, batts, expanded polystyrene (EPS), closed-cell foams and encapsulated air polymers. The void spacer on the M163 bracket ensures the insulation material remains at a fixed distance from the external wall surface, as required by the building code.

The Studco Slimwall system has been fully engineered for structural integrity, it is endorsed by major Australian insulation manufacturers and it is 100% Australia made.

So whether you’re chasing 6 Star Green Star on your next project or you just need a fast, flexible, and fully code-compliant wall system, choose the unique, new Studco Slimwall.

The new energy-efficient Studco Slimwall system was launched in conjunction with the World Green Building Week 2011.



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