Studco Furring Channels

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Furring Channels available from Studco include:

  • Studco 16mm Furring Channel for light applications
  • Studco 28mm Furring Channel for heavy applications

What are Furring Channels?

Studco® furring channel is a multi-purpose system developed for both interior and exterior structures. Designed to be non-corrosive and guaranteed to last, Studco furring channels are of high quality, and easy to use and install. The ‘hat-shaped’ furring channel frame is rolled from premium BlueScope galvanised steel and used as a batten for concrete or masonry walls and concealed ceiling assemblies.

Studco offers 16mm and 28mm deep furring channel options for wall and ceiling assemblies. These are available with a 38mm wide fixing face, in standard lengths of 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, 4800mm and 6000mm.

Custom length furring channels in both 16mm and 28mm are also available rolled to length to suit your project’s specific needs and to save labour on site. Contact us for more information.

Studco 16mm and 28mm Furring Channel

Wall Installations

Studco furring channels can be directly attached to wall studs or concrete/masonry wall applications. The furring channel is vertically installed on to the wall surface using concrete nails and power-driven fasteners, and plasterboard is then screwed to the furring channels.

When installing furring channels to masonry walls, where the surface is uneven, the Studco BetaFix® Clip can be used in place of shimming.

BetaFix Installation Masonry - StudcoAU
Betafix-2 masonry installation photo_02.09.21

Ceiling Installations

Studco furring channels can be used to furr out the ceiling applications and are fastened onto the primary Top Cross Rail using a locking key clip. There is no need for any mechanical fixings when using the M39 locking key clip to attach to the Top Cross Rail. This M39 locking key clip also allows the furring channel to slide along the top cross rail and to be positioned in the correct grid location before fixing the plasterboard lining.

Studco Concealed Ceiling - Studco AU

Furring Channels for Sound Isolation Clips

Furring channels can be used in conjunction with Resilmount® products from Studco for sound isolation options.  The Resilmount direct mounting brackets are specifically engineered for Studco furring channels. These brackets are designed to reduce air borne and structure borne vibrations in wall and ceiling applications. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control systems, these unique brackets are not only reliable, but also one of the most cost-effective ways to isolate noise.

Resilmount M237R Installation with Furring Channel

Resilmount Acoustic Products Available for Studco Furring Channels

  • M237R – Resilmount® M237R Furring Channel Clips – Direct Fixing – Acoustic mount for walls and ceiling applications with 16mm or 28mm furring channel.
  • MBFR & MBFR6 – Resilmount® MBFR & MBFR6 Adjustable Direct Fix Clip – Adjustable acoustic mounting brackets for Studco furring channels.
  • M237TR – Furring Channel Top Cross Resilient Mount – Replaces the standard locking key coupling between the primary channel (Top Cross Rail) and the secondary channel (Furring Channel).
  • M96R – Furring Channel to Purlin Resilient Mount – Resilient mounting bracket for furring channels suspended below purlins or trusses.
  • M239R – Adjustable Direct-fix Clip – Fully adjustable furring channel clip with masonry fixing for ceilings.

For more information on Studco Furring Channels or related products, please email us at or contact us on 1300 255 255.

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