Where are Studco products made?

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Studco products are manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria and distributed across Australia, with stock readily available in our Sydney, Brisbane and Perth branches.

Studco® products are made from premium quality BlueScope Steel and comply with Australian and New Zealand Building Standards. They are certified with the internationally recognized ISO9001 Quality Management System and are manufactured within the strictest of tolerances and are structurally sound when installed in accordance with Studco’s Design Manual.

From the moment the raw materials arrive at Studco’s Melbourne’s, we are tracking and recording each step of the product’s journey, right through to the delivery. We can even track the quality of our products long after they have been installed with every product being marked with a distinctive tracking number.

Studco Production in Melbourne - Studco AU

Studco’s production team takes great care in adhering to ISO 9001 compliance.  

For more information or place an order, please contact Studco’s Customer Service Team on 1300 255 255.



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