The Value in Selecting Steel Stud Framing

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What is Steel Stud Framing?

Stud walls stand as foundational elements in constructing room partitions, providing structure and support to interior spaces. These walls typically consist of stud frames crafted from wood or metal, forming the skeleton of the wall structure. Once framed, the wall is encased with drywall or plasterboard and finished with paint. A standard internal stud wall comprises stud and track lengths, sometimes requiring noggings to support the wall height and lining configuration.

Historically, timber was the material of choice to build wall frames on structural projects. As construction evolves, so does the understood value in making the change to cold formed steel studs. When selecting steel studs for your next project, several factors come into play:

Considerations when selecting Steel Studs:
  • Steel boasts exceptional durability, resisting cracking, splintering, or warping like timber.
  • Steel requires minimal maintenance and offers superior longevity.
  • Steel reduces fire hazards in multi-residential dwellings as it is non-combustible.
  • Lightweight steel materials facilitate easier installation and are resistant to moisture, fire, and termites.
  • Fabrication of steel framing off-site results in reduced construction waste on-site.
  • Steel is sustainable, being 100% recyclable, and offers greater cost-efficiency to projects.
Why Specify Studco Steel Studs for your next project?

Studco® is driven by the desire to improve how the construction industry builds through innovation. Our dedicated technical team stand to problem solve issues faced by our customers.

Specifying Studco Steel Studs for your project presents numerous advantages:
  • A certified Australian Made product. Made in Australia at Studco’s factory in Croydon South, Victoria.
  • Over 35 years of experience and expertise in innovative building solutions.
  • Studco steel products utilize BlueScope cold rolled steel, renowned for superior quality.
  • BlueScope demonstrates environmental responsibility by recycling 30% of its annual raw steel production.
  • Lightweight and durable, Studco Steel Studs qualify for a written product & systems warranty, showcasing confidence in product performance.
  • Studco provides solution-based engineering, dedicated technical service, and collaboration with stakeholders to optimize project outcomes.
  • Offers innovative seismic and acoustic solutions, including the Vortex High Performance Framing System.
  • Studco wall and ceiling systems undergo rigorous testing for structural integrity, capacity, fire ratings, and acoustical performance, consistently demonstrating less than 1% variation compared to other metal framing systems.

If you are interested and want further information, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 255 255 or email us at

Case Studies

Centre for National Resilience, Mickleham VIC
Products Used
Studco Stud & Track Systems
Olderfleet Building, VIC
| Contractor: ARC Plastering
Products Used
Steel Stud and Track, Concealed Ceiling System, StrongArm Steel Arm Brace


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