Concealed Suspended Ceilings

Concealed Suspended Ceilings Range

Top Cross Rails
Top Cross Rails are the primary channels in concealed suspended ceiling systems.
Furring Channels
Studco offers 16mm and 28mm deep furring channel options for wall and ceiling assemblies.
Furring Channel Perimeter Track
Perimeter Tracks are fixed to walls to support furring channels or battens.
Locking Keys
Designed to lock top cross rails to furring channels in concealed ceilings.
Spring Hangers
Spring Hangers lock onto top cross rails, and are ideal for smaller cavities.
Suspension Clips
Primary Suspension clips are used to hang and support Primary Channels (Top Cross Rails).
Section Joiners
Connect directly to two separate furring channels to create a continuous span.
Rod Suspension Brackets
Used to attach suspension rods to primary structure in suspended ceilings.
Suspension Rods
For suspending ceilings to their desired height when connected to MR5 suspension clip.
Exposed T-Bar Accessories
Studco offers suspension hangers for the Exposed T-Bar System.
Acoustic Mounts & Hangers
Premium polymer rubber isolation mounts and hangers designed for concealed ceilings.

Featured Products

Resilmount – Sound Isolation Products

The Resilmount® range of sound isolation products by Studco Building Systems® cover a wide variety



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