Metal Trim & Angles

The Studco Trim90 plasterboard beads are a superior plasterboard finishing section designed for installation by professional plasterboard contractors and to provide a clean defined edge on either curved or straight plasterboard details.

The perforated legs provide a strong key for building board finishing compounds and the optimum nib profile provides a knock resistant corner. The wide range of Trim 90 profiles available will suit all standard building boards, however if a custom profile is required Studco has the facility to produce special sizes and profiles to suit individual requirements.

Metal Trim & Angles Range

External Corner Beads
External Corners allow for quick and easy stopping of 90º and 135º walls.
Internal Corner Beads
90º and 135º Internal Corners are installed at corner junctions to conceal sheet edges.
Utility Angles
Used in a variety of applications including corner reinforcement and soffit construction.
Internal Backing Angles
Used in bathrooms behind AC or Cement Sheets, adds corner strength & eliminates cracking.
Stopping Beads
Stopping Beads are a cap for single sheets of plasterboard.
Bullnose Sections
Bullnose sections are used to create a smooth rounded finish on corners.
Perforated Arch Bead
Arch Beads are used in archway or curved portal applications.
Casing Beads
Casing Beads are use to cap single sheets of plasterboard.
Shadowline Stopping Angles
Designed to case a single sheet of plasterboard when installing a shadowline finish.
Plasterboard Stopping Angles
Designed to case a single sheet of plasterboard without a return flange.
Expansion Joints
Designed to relieve stress and reduce the risk of cracking in lining board materials.


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