Top Hats & Cladding

Top hats (also known as junction studs) are a popular way of fixing facade linings to the exterior structure of a building in both commercial and domestic applications. Cladding can then be attached to create a durable external façade.

Studco also has a range of Façade and Utility Angles available. They are installed in corner sections to support edging of tiles and facades, as well as in soffit construction areas.

Top Hats & Cladding Range

Top Hats & Battens
Suitable to use with a wide variety of lining materials and can be installed in horiz
Studco's range of Façade and Utility Angles are made of high quality steel for a pre
Galvanised Sheet
Galvanised Steel Sheet provides extra strength where security walls are required.

Featured Products

Top Hats – Square Leg
Façade Angles
Utility Angles
Top Hats – Angled Leg


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