Top Hats & Battens

Studco Top Hats are suitable for use with a wide variety of lining materials such as fibre cement sheet, aluminium composite panels, AAC panels and timber feature linings, and can be installed in both a horizontal and vertical orientation depending on the needs of the structure. Studco top hats may also be used for internal applications where heavier loads are used or greater design pressures are specified. Top hats are generally screw-fixed directly to the structure on the outer legs and the lining material is fixed to the wide face of the profile, using various fixing methods as specified by the lining board manufacturers.

Studco has a range of Top Hats to suit your project need. Depending on the needs of your project, start with either Studco Square Leg or Angled Leg Top Hats; and with Studco Squared Leg Top Hat Brackets, you’ll be able to ensure a straight finish for your external façade.

Top Hats & Battens Range

Top Hats – Square Leg
Square Leg Top Hats are used in higher wind and heavier load cladding applications.
Top Hat Brackets – Square Leg
Used as a top hat fixing point when installing top hats to an uneven surface.
Top Hats – Angled Leg
Create larger air gaps for acoustic applications and increased thermal capacity.
Steel Roof Battens
Battens sit between the roofing system and external roofing finish.
Backing Strip
Backing Strips are a great way to secure façade panelling to the external wall systems.


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