Your one-stop shop for steel stud wall framing. Studco wall framing systems are designed to provide the ideal solution for a variety of applications. From internal steel stud wall framing for plasterboard framing systems, to anti-creaking steel framing systems and curved track for building curved walls, chase walls or staggered stud walls; Studco has the framing system to suit your requirements.

Our technical team offers engineering services that cover the documentation and inspection of your installation. This includes, but is not limited to, seismic, fire-rated, load-bearing and acoustic wall and ceiling solutions.

Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality cold-formed BlueScope Steel.

Walls Range

Stud & Track Steel Wall Framing
Studco's range of studs, tracks and nogging options for building various wall frames.
Battened Walls
View our range of Furring Channels, SlimWall System for energy efficient walls, Resil
Brackets & Clips
Our range of brackets includes BetaFix Clips, StrongArm wall brace, Nogging Brackets
The Shaftwall system is the ideal solution for elevator shafts, stairwells and servic
Lightweight Panel Walls
Studco provide steel framing solutions for AAC products such as Hebel®.

Featured Products

Furring Channels
Steel Stud
Deflection Head Track
Vortex Segmented Rebate Track


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