Battened Walls

Studco Battened wall systems are designed for safe handling, and easily joined with other sections of wall systems.

Battened walls are fixed between the plasterboard and wall frames. Battens are installed to ensure greater air circulation in an effort to reduce condensation build-up and are also used to reduce the impact of the movement caused by the expansion and contraction of construction materials.

For energy efficient battened walls, Studco SlimWall offers a substantially improved method for battening the interior surfaces of external walls. SlimWall enables a larger wall cavity to be created reducing thermal transfer and improving energy efficiency.

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Battened Walls Range

Furring Channels
Studco offers 16mm and 28mm deep furring channel options for wall and ceiling assemblies.
Direct Fix Clips
Direct Fix Clips provide an effective way to secure furring channels for direct fixing.
SlimWall Battened Wall Channel
SlimWall is the energy efficient battened wall system.
SlimWall Battened Wall Brackets
Battened Wall Brackets are used in conjunction with M355 Channel in the SlimWall System.
Resilient Channel
Suitable for fixing to timber or steel studs for reducing sound transmission.
Acoustic Mounts Battened
Acoustic mounts offering effective solutions for noise isolation in battened walls.

Featured Products

Slimwall – The Energy Efficient Wall System

The Studco SlimWall® system is a energy efficient wall system that is code compliant to NCC 2011 Section J

Resilmount – Sound Isolation Products

The Resilmount® range of sound isolation products by Studco Building Systems® cover a wide variety



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