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Studco® Vortex Stud isolation clips are designed to eliminate metal-on-metal contact at the stud to track connection. Can also be used as a locator or shoulder in other wall construction elements.

M120 Isolation Clip for Stud & Track

The M120 Vortex Isolation Clip protrudes past the track flange and it’s bright red colour makes it easy for quality control to confirm that the clip is in place. This visibility also makes it simple for installers to check the overall stud length when the stud end is hidden in the track.

M132 Isolation Clip for Jamb Studs
Used in conjunction with the M120 Isolation Clips the M132 clips isolate the jamb studs. Fixed along the track, on either side of the jamb stud, they reduce movement in load bearing walls as the building moves.

M133 Isolation Clip for Noggings

The M133 Vortex Isolation Clips are placed between noggins and wall studs to prevent metal-on-metal contact that can cause creaking sounds as the building moves.

M134 Isolation Clip for Wall Ends

The M134 Vortex Isolation Clip is designed to eliminate metal-on-metal contact between the stud and track at wall ends.

M135 Isolation Clip for BetaFix

The M135 Vortex Isolation Clip is placed between the BetaFix clip and the furring channel to prevent metal-on-metal contact between the two products.

M136 Isolation Clip for M308 Furring Channel
The M136 Vortex Isolation Clip caps the end of the Studco M308 Furring Channel.

M138 Isolation Clip for Universal Furring Channel

The M138 Vortex Isolation Clip can be used to cap the end of universal furring channels.

AU Patents 2017202250, 2017201062 & 2016101920

Can I substitute specified products for Studco?

Absolutely, our insistence on quality and extensive product testing provide substantial evidence that our products provide equal performance characteristics of alternative framing systems. Further information can be found on our Systems Conformance document.


Can Studco help with engineering advice?

Studco can provide an engineering sign off for your project. Our Technical Team can consistently offer value-engineered solutions for our customers and services to cover all aspects of documentation and inspection for installations in various areas including, but not limited to seismic, fire-rated, load-bearing and acoustic wall and ceiling solutions.

Experience the value of a dedicated engineering service. Find out more.


What are the lead times for orders and how quickly can Studco fulfill my order?

Lead times may vary depending on location. Metro deliveries are available for next day or same day delivery. You can also pick up your order from your local Studco branch.

To find out about our lead times, please call us on 1300 255 255.


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Product Code Product Information Stock Pack
M120 Vortex Isolation Clip For Stud/track 100
M132 Vortex Isolation Clip For Jamb Stud 100
M133 Vortex Isolation Clip For Nogging Track 100
M134 Vortex Isolation Clip For Wall End 100
M135 Vortex Isolation Clip For Beta-fix 100
M136 Vortex Isolation Clip For M308 Furring Channel 100
M138 Vortex Isolation Clip For Universal Furring Channel 100


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