The Shaftwall system is the ideal solution for elevator shafts, stairwells and service ducting.

• Reduce installation time with no need to access within the shaft

• Suitable for lift shafts and stairwells as well as service duct applications

• All components are screw and adhesive fixed, eliminating the need for bolting, welding and other time consuming activities

• Acoustic and fire rated.

For more information about Shaftwall contact your Studco Representative.

Shaftwall Range

Jamb Stud
Jamb Studs are lightweight studs used as starter studs within the Shaftwall system.
Designed for Shaftwall installations where access is only available outside of the shaft.
J-Tracks are used as bottom tracks within a Shaftwall System.
Deflection Track
Shaftwall Deflection Track is used as the head track in the Studco Shaftwall system.


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