Amazon Fulfillment Centre, NSW

Qanstruct | Contractor: Inner Part Interiors
Project Type
Products Used
Steel Stud and Track, Concealed Ceiling Systems
Projects Value
$500 Million
Goodman/Oakdale Industrial Estate, Kemps Creek, NSW

Amazon Fulfillment Centre, NSW

200,000 Square Meters Across 4 Levels

Setting the standard for warehousing, Amazon Australia’s newest fulfillment centre is now complete and ready for operation. Based in Sydney’s West, this warehouse spans 200,000 square meters across 4 levels and saw over 1,400 people work on its construction.

Collaborating with contractor Inner Part Interiors to ensure the completion of this Qanstruct project, Studco supplied high quality Stud and Track, and Concealed Suspended Ceiling Systems. The Studco Technical Team were also involved, providing tailored, economical engineering to this project.

Studco Stud and Track used to construct the Amazon Fulfilment Centre

13,500 Tonnes of Steel Frame

The scale of the Amazon Fulfillment Centre presented significant challenges, least of all attaining high quality materials. Strategic planning and precise forecasting throughout the construction process was key to ensuring supplies arrived on time. Studco was able to provide their expertise and assist in this aspect of the project, ensuring it was ready for handover without delays.

In addition to logistical challenges that were faced, this multi-level warehouse required durable and versatile products to assemble its many frames. When installing vast amounts of wall and ceiling framing products, ease of installation and safe handling also becomes greater in importance. To meet these needs, Studco Stud and Track Wall framing and Concealed Ceiling System products were supplied. Avoiding time lost to injury and slowed installation meant deadlines could be met and unnecessary costs avoided.

Fast-Tracked, Economic Engineering

The volume of steel needed to facilitate a warehouse of this size meant that working with Inner Part Interiors to create economic solutions was going to be a key contributor to the success of this project. The Studco Technical Team tackled this challenge head on.

Costs can quickly snowball on projects large and small. For a project the size of the Amazon Fulfillment Centre, planning and consideration was needed to mitigate areas which posed this risk. Higher priced structural steel which could incur additional supply, time and labour costs was a key area that needed addressing. When faced with this, the Studco Technical team sought a simple, nonobvious solution that could have maximum impact. By leveraging the use versatility of light gauge steel studs in a back-to-back layout, the project was able to avoid increasing costs and still meet relevant standards and design requirements.

Studco’s Technical Team also provided specialized engineering for specific rooms. The Main Switchboard (MSB) room, which houses devices necessary for the supply and redistribution of power to the facility, required additional attention. These rooms are considered a high fire risk and are subject to strict standards and fire ratings. The unique requirements of these rooms provided an interesting challenge for the team, which they met with precision and ingenuity. Upon inspection by certifiers, the engineering by Studco and installation by Inner Part Interiors could not be faulted.

Thanks to the Studco team for your help with the Amazon project. You have been prompt with your service & true with pricing. All walls & ceilings have been built true thanks to your engineered specs.”

John V, Inner Part Interiors

Dedicated Despite Restrictions

Despite worksite restrictions as a result of Covid outbreaks, the Studco team remained hands on to ensure the highest quality of service was maintained. Where possible, the Studco team headed out on site to assess, consult on, and address any challenges the on-site team faced. When they couldn’t be on-site, the Studco team was available for phone and video calls to help troubleshoot and provide assistance. Together, they were able to provide support when and where it was needed. These two teams made themselves available to contractors, providing timely support and quick engineering turnarounds to help this project progress as smoothly as possible, meeting the project deadline.

Amazon Australia’s latest NSW Warehouse is an ambitious project, that will become a staple of warehousing for years to come. Developing partnerships through collaboration, the Amazon Fulfillment Centre will provide new jobs the West Sydney Community.

The Studco Team is on hand for your project needs. Let us know how we can assist your project goals via 1300 255 255 or at

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