Bowral & District Hospital Redevelopment, NSW

Builder: ADCO Construction / Contractor: Interior Works Pty Ltd
Project Type
Products Used
HEDA Tough Wall System, Steel Stud and Track, RapidTrack, Top Hats
Projects Value
$50 - $100 million
97 -103 Bowral St, Bowral NSW 2576

Bowral & District Hospital Redevelopment, NSW

Improving Access to High Quality and Contemporary Health Care Services For the Community

In 2019, the NSW State Government committed $68.7 million towards the Stage 1 redevelopment of the Bowral & District Hospital in South Western Sydney. Access to high quality and contemporary health care is a critical part of every community, and Studco® jumped at the chance to be involved in a project bringing these necessary services to the local community.

Bowral completed external - Studco AU
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Studco continues to build upon their extensive history of being involved in major hospital projects, through economical engineering solutions and quality products designed to withstand the demands of these facilities. Studco’s experience in health sector projects and ability to provide high quality engineering designs whilst meeting short lead times were key factors in being selected. The team’s dedication to facilitating the demands of this project ensured it continued to run on schedule, as any delays would impact the local community.

Studco supplied engineered designs and support throughout the process. The technical team’s skills met the requirements of the project, and their commitment to high-quality service enabled a productive experience. They were able to provide quick turnarounds for initial engineering designs, thorough site inspections and continuous support throughout the entire construction.

Bowral Stud and Track External Frame by Studco Systems
Bowral HEDA Jamb Double Door - Studco®

An Innovative Solution Creating Strong Openings in Internal and External Walls

The HEDA Tough Wall System® was key in developing wall openings that could withstand the high demands health care facilities have. This system provided structural strength to larger openings such as windows in external walls and examining rooms, or larger doorways throughout the redevelopment. The HEDA Jamb and HEDA connectors were used in place of the traditional method of installing multiple studs alongside wall openings. Similarly, these two pieces which make up the HEDA Tough Wall System were used as an innovative replacement for traditional stud and track acting as a lintel in wall openings.

The HEDA Tough Wall System provides a fast and easy way of creating openings in walls in both internal and external applications. This system uses fewer sections and fewer connections than traditional methods of creating wall openings, cutting construction time and simplifying the construction process.

Bowral HEDA Jamb Wide - Studco®

Carrying a Heavy Load in Gusty Conditions

Studco Steel Studs and Slotted Deflection Head Tracks were used to create the external walls of this project. Studco’s Rapid Track™ slotted deflection track is designed for internal and external walls which are subject to heavy weight loading and dynamic wind loads. This made them a great solution for the external walls in this redevelopment and Studco’s technical team provided the engineering to ensure the systems would satisfy the various forces these walls would be subject to.

Bowral Stud and Slotted Def by Studco Systems
Bowral Stud and Track External Frame Externak Frame by Studco Systems

The Canvas for an Architectural Vision

Studco provided top hat sections to ensure the architectural design vision of the external walls could be met. Studco Top Hat sections provided a fixing point for external façade cladding and attached directly to the external wall structure. These versatile top hats are suitable for a range of lining materials which made them an ideal solution for the installation of the external façade of the new Bowral & District Hospital.

Bowral completed external - Studco AU
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For upcoming projects in the health sector, contact the Studco on 1300 255 255 or email Studco’s technical team are available to assist with any project specification and technical support you may need for your next project.

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