Melbourne Airport – T2 International Hall

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Steel Stud and Track, HEDA Tough Wall System, EZ Concept Flush Door Systems
Melbourne Airport, VIC, 3045

Melbourne Airport – T2 International Hall

International Arrivals Hall Gets a Top-to-Bottom Refurbishment

Studco® recently had the opportunity to work on an exciting $85 million Australian Pacific Airports Melbourne (APAM) project. This encompassed the International Arrivals Hall at Terminal 2 along with the hallways leading to the adjacent terminals. Studco’s role in supplying the building systems and providing engineering solutions helped form this reinvention of the terminal.

Arc Plastering enlisted Studco to supply and engineer several key components for the main building systems to be used in this space. This was headlined by a panoramic timber facade wall with ‘Melbourne’ emblazoned in LED lighting. For this wall, Studco’s in-house engineers designed a framing solution to support Grimshaw’s architectural feature wall design. With experience in architecturally transforming terminals such as the London Heathrow Airport, Grimshaw has sculpted an innovative and eye-catching design. This vision was realised in collaboration with Sculptform with their modular wall panelling that completed the finished look of this feature piece.

With these designs in mind, Studco’s technical team also provided engineered solutions for a number of the bulkheads and door openings seen throughout the terminal – ensuring all client requirements were met whilst ensuring compliance to relevant standards and the building code. Liaising with these partners allowed for Studco’s building products to be utilised in optimal ways and for the project to run smoothly from start to finish.

Melbourne Airport-Bulkhead-VIC-2021
Left: The curved bulkheads under construction in the corridor adjoining Terminals 2 and 3. Right: A view of the curved bulkheads after construction and plastering. (Source: Sculptform)

Why Studco?

Studco was chosen for this job due to its demonstrated experience working on challenging specifications and providing practical solutions using Studco’s premium systems and services.

The building materials had to meet the following requirements:

Structural Considerations

Walls in high-traffic areas like airports need special consideration for static and dynamic loading in accordance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. The HEDA® Tough Wall System was selected for the interior wall openings to give them a more resilient, rigid structure around the high traffic doorways.

Security Considerations

As the first line of defence in ensuring there is no unauthorised access between zones, the walls separate the ‘sterilised’ airside and the ‘public’ landside of the international area of the airport. Studco’s technical team ensured these requirements were strictly adhered to in all designs throughout.

Fire Rating Considerations

Studco guaranteed all construction and specifications on the project passed regulatory requirements for fire rating. This is informed by safety protocols and the Melbourne Airport’s objective to deliver an environment wherein fire risk is reduced so far as is reasonably practical.

Studco’s customer and technical services were on-hand given the following considerations:

Operational Airport

The airport was operational at the time of construction. Studco’s team worked within these confines, ensuring deliveries were predominantly made at quiet time periods to ensure minimal disruption.

Immediate Solutions

Given the time-sensitivity of the project, Studco offered Arc Plastering solutions to urgent requests and design changes whilst managing very short lead times. Following a request for updated design criteria, Studco’s in-house technical team met the client at their site office that same day where preliminary drawings were discussed – locating the key costing items involved in the project and setting out design parameters.

During construction, Arc Plastering raised concerns about the placement of a services within the feature wall as they believed this would compromise the structural integrity of the wall. In response to this, Studco’s structural engineers applied some practical creativity and revised the design specification within 24 hours of notification.

A mid-construction view of the backside of the structural wall. (Source: DCTech)

Studco Products Used

This was all made possible by the application of an array of Studco products:

Studco Structural Wall Framing

Walls are constructed by Studco’s heavy-duty steel structural framing with bracing back to the structure as required. This was installed along with other Studco products such as connection brackets and furring channels.

Studco HEDA Tough Wall System

Oversize HEDA wall studs were installed around the wall openings that commuters pass through to enter the terminal. This cut installation time whilst providing a greater capacity to withstand the impact from high traffic-flow in the area.

EzyJamb® SRC
EZ Concept® Flush Door Systems

Door openings throughout the terminal are concealed along the wall faces as their architrave-free design allows them to blend in. This ensures the spacious feel of the terminal – unobstructed by detailing. These openings used the EzyJamb® and CavKit® cavity slider trim kit. These steel door jambs wrap the plasterboard ends to form frameless openings for standard doors & cavity sliders respectively.


Take a look at how the feature wall progressed and came to life:

Planning Stage

Preliminary technical drawings displaying the components of the feature wall and its openings.


Left: A view of the internal servicing of the wall mid-construction.

Right: External view post-wall construction but prior to ceiling construction.


A finished look at the timber-façade feature wall founded on Studco’s structural framing system.


The Studco Objective

Studco is proud to have helped in the development of Melbourne Airport new home to International Arrivals at T2, and turning into something that will be a welcome sight for returning travellers when international travel ramps up again.

Beginning with technical and customer services, Studco aided the project’s timely and cost-effective completion. From the feature wall, to the bulkheads, to the door openings – Studco systems support many aspects of the terminal.

If you have a dynamic and exciting project on your hands, contact Studco for specifications and technical assistance.

Studco Products Used:

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