SEEK Headquarters, VIC

Project Type
Office Building
Products Used
Steel Stud & Track, HEDA Jamb, Stud Ceiling System
60-88 Cremorne St, Cremorne VIC 3121

Industrial design accomplished by clever construction at SEEK’s new global headquarters.

A circuit-breaker from the traditionally modern office tower, SEEK’s new headquarters bring a distinguished aesthetic to inner-Melbourne. Steel Framing Systems offer a bedrock for the wildly imaginative design that sees seven stories deliver a space crafted to the shifting needs of its employees.

Boasting a 6-star Green Star rating, sustainable tenants of the build ensure it is built to last with its surroundings. The bold brick façade and  dual arch design highlight the building’s inimitable style that had it recognised as an outstanding accomplishment of Commercial architecture at the 2022 Victorian Architecture Awards.

Studco Engineering serviced Hassell’s visualization for a bespoke office space inspired by Cremorne’s masonry past. Precise installation and expedient construction were established with Studco’s comprehensive technical plans.

End-to-End Framing

Studco Steel Stud and Track frame the internal walls all throughout the tower’s seven floors. The premium BlueScope steel composition brought durability in this framing. Engineering and supply of internal wall systems spanned varying scales, including wall heights up to 4000mm. The Logistics team handily arranged the delivery of these products through consistent communication with on-site parties. Ultimately, Studco delivered and accounted for all specified wall types ranging from the 64mm wide steel stud wall system to the 150mm wide steel stud wall system

A range of Studco products were included in the wall framing system, including nogging tracks, nogging brackets and slotted deflection head track.

Studco Technical Services provided a tailored construction engineering solution. The Studco engineering documents specified each wall type and ceiling detail that included fixing details and also detailed connection drawings. All wall and ceiling steel framing was engineered to meet the buildings seismic design criteria.

The floor plans accommodated for expansive open spaces suited to the large-scale workforce at SEEK. Such open spaces are also versatile to meet the needs of the moment – sliding floor-to-ceiling whiteboards can merge to form dividing walls and create a separate space for on-call teams from the remainder of their floor. This intelligent use of space came about through the crafty engineering of Studco’s Technical team. Their service confirmed correct framing installation practices were upheld every step of the way. Adhering to short lead times whilst doing so, the team was on-hand for any on-site queries or technical amendments.

Seek VIC Hallway
A sliding track allows these whiteboards to move and transform spaces. Studco engineering ensured that open plan spaces such as this office floor were feasible.
Seek VIC Office Pod
Internal walls are framed with Studco Steel Stud and Track.

Making Work Simple with HEDA

A standalone room on the top floor houses a kitchen for employees. Built as a standalone pod, the kitchen easily slips into its position at the top of the building’s roof pitch. Its construction was made simple with the use of Studco’s HEDA Jamb. Offering a fast way to create openings in both in internal and external walls, this was useful due to the numerous large wall openings in the kitchen. The HEDA jamb’s labour efficient formation of lintel and sill eliminated the need for boxed studs altogether. Paired with this is the uncompromising design as the size of these wall opening did not have to be minimised for technical purposes – this allowed for the large fridge doors along with the aluminium trim laced around its edges. The HEDA connection created significant wall openings whilst supporting the structural integrity of the pod.

Making the job of installers easier, the HEDA jamb ease-of-installation contributed to the meeting of the project’s short deliverance window. On-site inspections confirmed installation was completed in alignment with the consultant’s details. Client enquiries both in-person and through the StudcoBuildIT service were answered with thorough technical support and documentation.

Seek VIC HEDA Framing
Studco Steel Stud and Track framing the kitchen whilst the HEDA jamb forms the large wall opening on the front side.
The completed kitchen with a large fridge installed in the opening.

Unconventional Thinking for Ceiling Solutions

The tower’s offices and discussion rooms were designed to appear as free-standing structures, a detail that was crucial in bringing to life the architectural ambition for a ‘contemporary warehouse’. Each individual office thereby serves as an insular ‘pod’ for employees and teams to work. SEEK’s vision for these office pods was furthered by the mirror panels sitting above the pod – reflecting the exposed concrete slab to remain visible to the passing eye. In order to accomplish this, Studco supplied and engineered Stud Ceiling and set-back Bulkhead framing adhering to the unique structural requirements of the pods. Meticulous plans informed the best possible ceiling and bulkhead installations with reference to the internal servicing above them.

The warehouse inspired finish leaves the ceiling slab exposed in an homage to the area’s industrial heritage. Wiring and servicing components openly run along the ceiling through cable trays – balancing industrial design with practical flexibility for future office space.

Seek VIC Open Office
The stud ceiling inside this office allows for its visibly free-standing design.
Seek VIC Stud Ceiling in Meeting Room
The stud ceiling in the meeting room features precise engineering in order for servicing hardware to be installed in the correct positioning relative to the ceiling panelling.
Seek VIC Ground Floor
The industrial feel of the space is established by the exposed ceiling seen here on the ground floor.

Constructing an Exemplary Workplace

SEEK Headquarters mirrors the area’s traditional architecture from the outside and breathes modern design from within. An extensive catalogue of framing solutions and an experienced Technical team represent Studco’s contribution to the successful build. Along with experience came Studco’s ability to meet the project’s short lead times – delivering on Engineering amendments and material transfers in quick turnaround periods.

Built with the future in mind and the comfort of its employees measured, the final construction is an undeniable feat. SEEK’s new home explores the possibilities of office-space design and delivers a bold triumph of construction.

Studco is proactive in the engineering and supply of projects of all scales. For assistance with your next project, contact Studco at or calling 1300 255 255.

Seek VIC Staircase

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