Sky Garden, VIC

Builder: Probuild / Contractor: Oneway Constructions
Project Type
Apartment Building
Products Used
Studco Stud & Track Systems, Concealed Suspended Ceiling, StrongArm Structural Wall Brace, EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems
Projects Value
$450 Million
235 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Sky Garden, VIC

Wall and Ceiling framing solutions frame this ambitious garden in the sky.

The Glen Shopping Centre has long been the central retail hub of the Glen Waverley area. Now sitting atop the centre are the newly developed Sky Garden apartments. The grand $450 million development spans 10,600m2 across three towers and 555 units. Premium location demands premium grade living spaces to match. Chosen to make this possible, Studco® liaised with contractor Oneway Constructions from start-to-finish, using Studco steel framing systems and EZ Concept® architectural finishing products to produce the time and cost-effective deliverance of Sky Garden.

Exceptional Steel Framing

The unique character of Sky Garden is brought to life by the overarching architectural inspiration. Rothelowman’s geometric glass façade flows into DKO Architecture’s interior design effortlessly. This extravagant design is made reality by the Steel Stud and Track Wall Framing underneath. Installed in a variety of circumstances and structural positions, the versatility of this Stud and Track system enables its use in unconventional applications. This is demonstrated in:

  • A specially engineered connection between the towers and the retail hub they sit above. This section of the Glen Shopping Centre was not built with the Sky Garden apartment complex in mind – given this, Studco’s in-house Technical Team created framing models to complement the original design and meet all structural requirements.
  • A Stud and Track frame for the structure and perimeter of the spectacular indoor pool. The comprehensive engineering for the pool’s construction mean no concessions are made to the design. The cantilever wall in the pool room was stringently engineered to ensure its rigid and supportive structure. These elements each allowed for the positioning and wall-to-wall length of the pool to be realized as intended in the preliminary plans.
Sky Garden Cantilever Wall
The internal framing of the pool room’s cantilever wall.
Internal Partition Wall
Internal partition walls and fire-rated walls at Sky Garden are constructed from Studco’s steel Stud system.

Minimising Deflection

Studco modified the StrongArm® Structural Wall Brace to suit the requirements of this project. The brace was specified to bring additional structural support to a number of half-height and free-standing walls throughout. As seen below, the brace is simply fixed to the stud to improve rigidity and minimise lateral deflection.

This made for a quick on-site solution as opposed to using structural steel framing. Being a large-scale commercial construction, this ease of application was important in the time sensitivity of the Sky Garden project. The Studco team manufactured the StrongArm braces in custom sizing to suit Oneway Construction’s requirements. Regular on-site or over-the-phone discussions enabled this communicative process to run smoothly.

Click here to learn more about the structural wall brace.

Sky Garden StrongArm Lite
The StrongArm brace installed to support a half-height wall in an apartment.

Suspended Ceiling Solutions

Studco’s engineered Concealed Suspended Ceiling system was employed throughout the project for a flexible and secure finish. The system provided a suitable clearance level to conceal all piping and servicing hardware. An important consideration in the premium interior aesthetic, this comes with the additional benefit of servicing being kept out-of-view.

The versatility of the ceiling system met the client’s needs in their vision for the project. A versatility that is further elevated by the installation of Studco M534 Spring Hangers allowing the height of the suspended ceiling systems to be adjusted. Such adjustability allows for inconsistencies in construction to be fixed on-the-go. These functions, combined with the availability of Studco’s Technical Support, served to make the project run smoother.

Sky Garden Suspended Ceiling
An engineered Suspended Ceiling System hosted by Primary Suspension Hangers suited to the clearance requirements of the building.
SkyGarden EzyTrack Lighting
The EzyTrack curved wall track forming the curvature of the feature lighting.
SkyGarden EzyTrack Lighting Complete
The same ceiling light feature – completed. The simple lock-in installation of the EzyTrack creates curves quickly and easily.

Minimalist Styling

Named after its gloriously colourful rooftop garden precinct, Sky Garden is a lesson in decadence. The living space of each resident is no exception; each modern apartment showcases the luxurious lifestyle of Sky Garden.

Their vision for this space is sleek and spacious – defined by uninterrupted lines and architectural openings. The minimalist stylings required to achieve this are met by EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems. The SlideSet® flush finish cavity slider form sliding doors that perfectly blended into their surroundings. EzyJamb® door frames also fill out the interior finish to similar effect, fluently moulding sleek living spaces.

The square set frames of these systems bring a striking modern look to the interior of Sky Garden, tying together the smooth architectural look of the apartment spaces.

Achieving Construction Ambitions

The versatility of Studco systems are demonstrated all throughout the deftly realized Sky Garden project. The wall and ceiling framing provide a strong underpinning for the towers – permitting a seamless elevation above The Glen Shopping Centre. Finished with EZ Concept architectural systems, the interior finish is befitting of the towering achievement Sky Garden is.

Studco is rewarded by the prominent role in making Sky Garden a brilliant living space.

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SkyGarden SlideSet
The SlideSet’s minimalist detailing makes for a premium, clean finish to the interior space. Source: Golden Age Group

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